Scrum Scorecards – Measurements to See Progress of Agile Adoption

Two interesting visual presentations of the progress of adoption of Scrum practices. These are marginally software-specific but could very easily be adapted to non-software agile work situations.

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2 thoughts on “Scrum Scorecards – Measurements to See Progress of Agile Adoption”

  1. Interesting. I’m starting to see Scrum as a tool that basically helps people to be good and to work well together. This, of course, has always been the purpose of religion. The glaring difference for me at this point is in the source of motivation. In Scrum, or Agile (in almost every case that I’ve come across), the motivation is clearly material – that behaviour and processes result in a product that is deemed to have material value and therefore increase the material wealth of it’s owner. The motivation to adhere to the teachings of, let’s say, true religion – that which includes the conviction that life is eternal and does not end in physical death – is fundamentally and profoundly different.

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