What If Something Hurts?

If your work is hurt by some environmental, team or technical factor, there are only a few things you can do about it:

1. Ignore it (not advised). This usually can “work” for a short time, but inevitably leads to greater pain in the future. The only time this might be worthy of consideration is if the team has a larger or more immediate problem that deserves the team’s full effort.

2. Attack it/do it a lot/embrace it. Develop an exceptional skill in dealing with the problem without eliminating it’s root cause.

3. Transfer or expose the stakeholders to it. Be truthful about the situation so that the stakeholders can deliberate on how to effectively address the situation. In this collaborative approach, the team and the stakeholders work to determine the root cause of the problem as part of addressing it.

4. Measure things very visibly. Expose stakeholders to the problem in a factual manner. This method is used where the relationship between the team and the stakeholders is not yet a trusting relationship. This approach can be an effective CYA for both the team and the stakeholders and can lead to greater trust.

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