Notes from The Sixth International Transformative Learning Conference Michigan State University Oct 6-8, 2005

Debra Langon and Ron Sheese Professors at York University

They have a transformative learning research project with their first year sociology and psychology students. Their focus is on incorporating transformative learning into their practice as educators.

Engagement, deep learning v.s. surface learning, reflection, caring and at the center of all this is collaboration

Old approach to learning is just a critical thinking approach. They use the work of Thar Bacon on constructive thinking “Playing the believing game” beyond just logic.

They prize listening as much as speaking so that quiet students are not marginalized.

They have been surprised that simply stating a value like caring in their project has affected the students and also changed their own inward orientation towards their work. Students have repeatedly reported that feeling cared for in the classroom has enriched their learning experience. The focus on caring has also rejuvinated their work as professors.

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