Something a little different on Work-Life Balance

The Juggler, collage with appropriated images, Deborah Hartmann, 1995 This is one of my favourite works – at the time, I was both working and studying the fine arts, a true juggling act. My boss was a believer in Balance – he sponsored my second show, and he bought this picture. Happily, he let me buy it back when they moved to a new space, after I’d moved to another city. Now, more than ever, I need its gentle reminder.

The juggler keeps a balance between work, play, obligation and passion.

If you’d like to use this image, to remind yourself or others to strive for a good balance, feel free to use it under the terms of this Creative Commons License. Enjoy 🙂

See the full image of The Juggler (collage with appropriated images, Deborah Hartmann, 1995).
Free for commercial use with attribution. Ask me about other uses.
Please note: Creative Commons License

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