Agile and Loans – a Metaphor

There is a nice comparison that can be made between loans and agile. My father, an agile coach now, describes the metaphor this way:

[7:24:55 PM] Garry Berteig says: I mentioned an example of agile effectiveness in terms of Visa.
[7:26:33 PM] Garry Berteig says: The waterfall example is to have to go to the bank for a loan, fill out forms in a meeting, reschedule for approval, and sign off on contract. On the other hand Visa lets the borrower make the decisions about how much and how often within a predetermined limit.
[7:27:03 PM] Garry Berteig says: People go for Visa because it allows for iterations that are self determined, and very frequent compared to a bank loan process.

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