Top Ten Most Popular Entries from 2006

If you are new to Agile Advice, these are not just some of the most popular articles, they are also some of the best! Take a look around; you will find ideas to inspire you, challenge your thinking and maybe that one little thing that will make the difference in applying agile methods in your situation.

1. How Two Hours Can Waste Two Weeks – 25,617 unique views
This little hypothetical story by Dmitri Zimine was very popular on Reddit, and Joel on Software ranted a bit about it.

2. The Case for Context Switching – 2,936 unique views
My rebuttal to Joel’s rant. Goes well with Dmitri’s article. Emphasizes the idea of building trust in an organization.

3. The Qualities of an Ideal Test – 1,579 unique views
Six qualities that will help make your tests as valuable as can be. Similar to the ACID properties of databases or the INVEST properties of user stories.

4. The Pros and Cons of Short Iterations – 1,555 unique views
A few words that will help you decide how long to make your iteration length. This is an important decision, and most teams and organizations don’t know the factors involved.

5. Five Signs of Trouble in an Iteration – 1,489 unique views
A good howto on using burndown charts to discover problems in an iteration.

6. Seventeen Tips for Iteration Planning – 1,427 unique views
A good list of hints and tips that can make the difference between struggling with iteration planning and having it go smoothly and effectively. This is a key part of the Agile Work process, so getting good at it is a high priority for any team new to Agile Work.

7. Change is Natural – “Embrace Change” – 1,397 unique views
A short riff on the universality of change. Also introduces the idea of the “horizon of predictability”.

8. The Art of Obstacle Removal – 1,287 unique views
This is a good reference article on types of obstacles and methods for removing them… a critical practice for Process Facilitators.

9. The Seven Core Practices of Agile Work – 1,285 unique views
Agile Work is really quite simple. This is a concise list of the practices that make up this effective methodology.

10. Interview with Alistair Cockburn – Agile and House Renovations – 902 unique views
Applying agile methods to home and garden renovations! Learn a bit about how this luminary of the agile world has taken agile practices out of the software world and into the hardware world.

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