Planning Iteration 0002 “Capacity”

I’ve completed my iteration planning for my second iteration. As a reminder, I’m doing this because I want to be working only 50 hours per week by July 2007. My sole improvement item from last iteration was to use get better at committing to an amount of work within my capacity. Here’s what I have planned:

I have included my complete list of work to be done broken down into tasks. It is anonymized:

Client1 Proposal Writing
– 1 day intermediate team course
– phone consult details
– QA/tools coaching
– email proposal
Client2 Invoice
– get template from them
– collect hours
– collect receipts
– image receipts
– currency convert receipts if needed
– type up hours
– type up receipts
– email/submit
Client2 work
– 4 hour task
– 4 hour task
– 4 hour task
– 4 hour task
– 4 hour task
– 4 hour task
– 4 hour task
– 4 hour task
India Training
– ping Contact1 “V”
– ping Contact2 “N”
– ping Contact3 “M”
– ping Contact4 “S”
– ping Contact5 “V”
– air reservations
– prepare visa application
– submit visa application
– hotel reservations
Client3 Statement of Account
– equipment
– invoice 1
– invoice 2

As you can see, I have committed to only five items off the Work Queue for this iteration and they add up to thirty-two tasks. This is more than I indicated last night in my retrospective results. I’m nervous about this in two ways. One, I think that I am under-committing and that I’ll get into huge trouble if I don’t do more than this. Two, I think that I’m over-committing and that with my brother visiting, even doing this much smaller amount of work will be challenging. Still, I have tried to make both the items from the Work Queue and the tasks smaller than in my previous iteration. I guess I’ll see in a week!

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