Agile Contracts

One of the Certified Scrum Trainers, Chris Sterling from SolutionsIQ, recently posted a good set of links on Agile Contracts. Hopefully these links will help you understand how to “sell”, set up and execute on agile contracts. Here are the links:

Chris wrote:

Mary and Tom Poppendieck have great presentations and a workshop on this topic. Here is a URL to a Powerpoint presentation from them:

Also, here is some data from a workshop:

And Alistair Cockburn has a great page on Agile Contracts here:

Martin Fowler has a page on “Scope Limbering” here:

Hope these help.

Thanks Chris! Here are a couple more links:

Leading Answers – Agile Contracts – blog entry with some good references.

Contracting Agile Projects – by the Cutter Consortium

I’m not an expert on agile contracts myself. I would be interested in hearing from people if they have any stories about actually using (or failing to use) contracts in an agile environment.

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