Scrum Training for Team Members

Time for an experiment! I have heard from many people that I have trained (ScrumMasters primarily), that there is a need for the members of the teams they are working with to have some systematic training as well. So, I’m announcing a new team member training course designed to cover some of the same material as the Certified ScrumMaster course, but focused more towards the needs of a team member who might be new to Scrum or struggling with Scrum, or just wants to get a more in-depth understanding of “ideal” Scrum. Now here’s the experiment part: I’m accepting pre-registration on FaceBook only! Because this is the first time this course will be offered, I need to get a sense of actual interest in the course. Here is the event url for FaceBook: If you are interested, please go to the event page and indicate your interest in attending. If you know anyone who might be interested, please share the event with them! If you aren’t on FaceBook, I highly recommend it for both personal and professional networking, and I would encourage you to sign up. The FaceBook event page has more details about the course, but here are a few: it’s 2 days long, its going to be in Toronto in late January, and it’s only $800 (Canadian, which is an introductory price).

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