Agile Successes and “Failures”

Here are the results from a bit of web research that I just did for a client:


Capital One:

Agile 2007 Conference Presentation – “The Growth of an Agile Coach Community at a Fortune 200 Company”

*Mishkin Berteig ( worked with co-author Kara Silva on a large-scale Agile implementation

2005 Information Week article

Agile 2007 Conference Presentation


It’s generally really hard to get people to talk openly about failure.  I assert that Agile itself never fails, rather organizations fail to implement Agile.  But that’s for another article. Here are some anonymous stories:

This one includes successes and failures in China:

Another interesting article about the concept of failure:

So cheeky, so true:

“How to Fail with Agile” by Clinton Keith & Mike Cohn

Interviews on adopting Agile:

Affiliated Promotions:

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