Special Personal Announcement!

Hi Everyone, You know that I don’t often post personal things here on Agile Advice.  But since this is my main blog, and I would love to let everyone know…

My wife, Melanie, is pregnant!  I found out this morning at 8:10am EST (she found out a few hours earlier).  This will be our fourth child and I’m totally pumped about it!  (It’s also scary: there aren’t many families with four kids these days!  Not many people to share experiences with! If you happen to have four kids, I would love to connect!)

In the short term, this shouldn’t affect the business in any way.  Sometime early next year it will mean that I personally won’t be have quite the intense schedule I have right now.

Thanks Everyone!

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Please share!

2 thoughts on “Special Personal Announcement!”

  1. Congratulations, Mishkin! That’s wonderful.

    I have four kids, and would be happy to share my limited knowledge. 🙂

    Take care,

    Jeff Nielsen

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