All of Scrum Diagram in One Page – a Cheat Sheet

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I’ve been giving out a cheat sheet on Scrum in my training classes for the last 6 years.  It has evolved a great deal and I thought it would be timely to share it.

All of Scrum Diagram – PDF

All of Scrum Diagram – OpenDocument Graphics

I also have a guidelines/rules-of-thumb list:

Scrum Rules of Thumb – PDF

And some pitfalls listed out:

General Scrum Pitfalls – PDF

Scrum Product Owner Pitfalls – PDF

Please share!

2 thoughts on “All of Scrum Diagram in One Page – a Cheat Sheet”

  1. Mishkin, This is great material. Your Scrum Diagram is unique and insightful. I like the use of dollar and cent symbols as they remind us that time is money and stories need to either save money or generate new revenue. Thanks for sharing!

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