The Rules of Scrum: The Daily Scrum is timeboxed to 15 minutes

The Daily Scrum is designed to dramatically improve transparency among Scrum Team Members and out to any stakeholders who are interested in observing the meeting.  The timebox is a fixed limit on the duration of the meeting.  The 15 minute limit on the Daily Scrum is sufficient for each Team Member to take a turn and briefly answer each of the three questions required in the meeting.  The timebox forces the Team Members to be brief, to be focused, to be on-topic and to be respectful of other Team Members’ time.  If the Daily Scrum meeting takes longer than 15 minutes, some Team Members and stakeholders will stop feeling like the meeting is worth the time investment, particularly since it is daily.  Even five additional minutes for a 12 person team adds up to a person-hour of time lost every day!  Losing people’s interest or respect for the meeting will decrease transparency and can hamper the team in numerous ways, including the ScrumMaster’s ability to see and deal with obstacles in a timely manner.

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