The Rules of Scrum: All stakeholders are invited to attend the demo portion of the Sprint Review

The ScrumMaster organizes and facilitates the Scrum meetings, including the Sprint Review. The ScrumMaster ensures that all the stakeholders of the Scrum Team and its product are invited to the Sprint Review. The list of stakeholders invited should include, most importantly, end users of the product and / or actual external customers who would buy the product. The Scrum Team presents the product increment during the demo portion of the Sprint Review. This presentation allows the stakeholders to give immediate feedback on the product increment including new functionality, quality, and desired future direction. If the stakeholders are not universally invited, then it is possible that important feedback will be lacking and the Product Owner will create a sub-optimal Product Backlog. One significant benefit of having a broad group of stakeholders attend is that it is highly motivating to the Scrum Team to receive direct feedback every Sprint. This feedback is only possible if all the stakeholders are invited every Sprint.

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