The Rules of Scrum: Your ScrumMaster knows Scrum well and can explain it both quickly and in detail to others

It is crucial for the ScrumMaster to be fluent in all things Scrum. The ScrumMaster is a servant-leader of the team and needs to be able to provide that leadership in words as well as in deeds. The ScrumMaster also needs to be able to help those outside the team understand which of their interactions with the team are helpful and which aren’t. Being able to communicate Scrum with brevity and clarity is essential for this work. Furthermore, it is important for the management and leadership of the organization to perceive the ScrumMaster as possessing a level of expertise and authority with Scrum and again being able to explain Scrum well in addition to be understanding it and believing in it is required for the ScrumMaster to build and maintain confidence in Scrum as a framework throughout the organization. In short, The ScrumMaster is the representative or ambassador of Scrum in the organization and an ability to communicate all aspects of the framework is an essential aspect of representation.

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