The Rules of Scrum: Your ScrumMaster creates and maintains the team’s Sprint burndown chart

The Sprint burndown chart tracks the amount of work remaining in the Sprint day-by-day. The burndown chart is updated daily and is visible to the team and stakeholders. This activity is part of the ScrumMaster’s duty to facilitate the Scrum Process. This activity is part of the ScrumMaster’s job to satisfy stakeholders as the chart allows the team to easily see how it is trending on committed deliverables. This information allows the team and the Product Owner to discuss any necessary adjustments to the team’s commitments for the current Sprint in a timely fashion. What happens if the ScrumMaster fails to create and/or maintain the team’s Sprint burndown chart? Most likely we will be unable to see if the team is on track, late or early in its current Sprint. To find out this information we would have to wait until the Sprint is done which is much too late. Also, without daily updates on the trend of the team it is more likely that Scrum Team Members may slip back into an individualistic approach to work instead a team based approach.

For more information about the turndown chart, visit the Scrum Team Assessment.

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One thought on “The Rules of Scrum: Your ScrumMaster creates and maintains the team’s Sprint burndown chart”

  1. Sprint burndown chart is owned by development team. It is the team who maintains the chart. ScrumMaster will need to remind the team in case they fail to maintain the chart.

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