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Super-Hard ScrumMaster Quiz – Test Yourself!

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For a little while last year I was using a quiz in my Certified ScrumMaster courses that was deliberately designed to be super hard.  Why?  Because if anyone could answer it correctly before the end of the class, I would give them their certification early and allow them to leave.  Not a single person out of several hundred was able to do it.

So… want to give it a try?  I’ve got two files here.  One is the quiz without answers.  The other is the answer key.  Let me know if you have any questions!!!

CSM Class Test – Super Hard! (PDF, 1 page)

(Please, give it a try before you even download this next piece!!!)

CSM Class Test – Answer Key (PDF, 1 page)

This test was first created by me and one of my close colleagues, Julien Mazloum from Outsofting.  We were trying to make the CSM class something that the Chinese audience would really appreciate culturally.  It worked well, up to a point.  The main problem was that some of the questions were too subtle for people for whom English was their second language.  That said, when I used it in my North American courses, still no one passed it!  In fact, the best score I ever saw was 25 correct out of 30.

Have fun!

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8 thoughts on “Super-Hard ScrumMaster Quiz – Test Yourself!”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. My background is in software QA, and it has been a couple of years since I was involved with a scrum team, so I guess I should feel pretty good about scoring 23/30?

    1. One critique – the multiple choice question section does not call out if there can be 0, 1 or more correct answers.

  2. Looking forward to meet you and attend Scrum Master Certification training on June 25 & 26th at Global knowledge.

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