Scrum vs. Kanban vs. ADKAR vs. Kotter: Change Management

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The battle of the organizational change management approaches!

Check out the presentation I did last night at Agile Mississauga Meetup.

20170208 Agile Mississauga Meetup – Change Approach Characterization Model

I describe a model for understanding change management approaches and deciding which ones to use for your situation.  I also look briefly at Positive Deviance and Appreciative Inquiry.

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One thought on “Scrum vs. Kanban vs. ADKAR vs. Kotter: Change Management”

  1. I enjoyed learning about the change management model in these slides. One comment about the use of the word “Immanent” in the slides. I believe you mean to use the word “Imminent.” Otherwise, this is a great meta-model to evaluate various change improvement processes and frameworks.

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