Agile Advice is sponsored by BERTEIG (formally, Berteig Consulting Inc.).

BERTEIG works to transform people, process and organizations!

At BERTEIG, we believe that your organization has the capacity to transform itself to be hyper-productive and highly motivated to deliver the greatest value to your clients and stakeholders. We believe when you effectively engage individuals in your organization you will create dynamic teams who will  dramatically improve your results, giving your organization a significant competitive advantage. In order to become more efficient, productive, and produce higher quality work, faster….you need our systematic Real Agility Program. BERTEIG has experience helping organizations in many different industries create effective teams, processes and systems to radically transform the way you do your work.

Berteig Consulting LogoOver the years, Mishkin Berteig (co-founder of BERTEIG) has written hundreds of articles for Agile Advice about his experiences as an Agile Coach, Consultant and Trainer, often with an emphasis on the transformational aspects of Agility.  If you are looking for the services of an experienced coach or consultant for your team or your organization, please consider asking BERTEIG for a proposal!

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  1. Dear Berteig,

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful articles for Agile Advice. I am learning this at present and find these very informative.


    Ravji Pindoria

  2. Dear Mr. Berteig, congrats on your very elucidative and educative posts. I wonder if you would allow me to translate them into Brazilian Portuguese, of course referencing your original posts.


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