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Agile Advice promotes all the training offered on World Mindware.  World Mindware is a brand of BERTEIG that  offers high-quality Learning Events in Agile methods such as Scrum, OpenAgile, and Kanban as well as education for certification such as the PMI-ACP, the Scrum Alliance CSM and CSPO, the Scaled Agile Academy’s Leading SAFe, and the OpenAgile Center for Learning’s Readiness and Team Member.  World Mindware partners with trainers and training organizations around the globe.

World Mindware (Berteig) has launched a YouTube channel.   There are videos on Scrum Myths and REALagility coaching. Please subscribe to the channel!

Each week, BERTEIG coaches certify dozens of ScrumMasters and Scrum Product Owners, in Toronto, Ontario and elsewhere. We are the longest standing agile organization in Canada and the only one who certifies dozens of professionals weekly.


People are saying some really fantastic things about BERTEIG Learning Events!



“One of the best, if not THE best, professional course I have attended in my IT career” – 2016

I can confidently take the SCRUM framework and look at ways to apply it to specific projects within our company. After taking this course, and practicing the framework, it’s clear how effective SCRUM can be!” – HR Training – 2017

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Testimonials CSPO, 20180123 with M. Berteig and D. Sabine

Berteig is the gold standard for agile training. UX Research Specialist

This training has been an eye opener since it addressed a lot of misconceptions about scrum. Very honest responses which were very appreciated given I am at a very early stage of my PO journey…it was good to discover how flexible scrum is. Product Owner/ Operational Systems

Great instructors. Patient, enthusiastic, approachable yet very organized and firm…They encouraged engagement from the class without making anyone feel put on the spot or awkward. Project Manager

Testimonials CSM, Toronto, 20171206, D. Sabine

A thorough introduction to the thinking and processes of scrum, and the factors necessary to make it successful in your organization. Change Management

Best class ever – no slides, real experience. PM

Testimonials CSPO, Toronto, 20171130, with D Sabine

Interacting and learning with like-minded professionals was a treat and David’s anecdotal insights into how an Agile approach works in practice really enhanced the learning. Director, Business Support

A great facilitator, very knowledgeable in his field, articulate and presented the material very well. IT Manager

Testimonials Leading to Real Agility, Toronto 20171116,

Mishkin Berteig & David Vicentin

An excellent course which allows leaders to transition their mindset to an agile mindset. Director, Consulting Services

BERTEIG was great at providing insight on Agile to a group of us that have little working experience with it – but are exposed to it constantly. Director, Global Wealth

Testimonials SAFe with Jerry Doucett, 20171121

Really amazing training. Very in-depth knowledge of Leading Safe 4.5. Project Manager
Great overview of SAFe by Jerry. Senior Vice President
BERTEIG is a Real Agile Transformation company, they train, coach, mentor, consult and transform Organizations. They have wide range of offering on Agile Frameworks (Scrum, Kanban,  SAFe etc.,) I would recommend BERTEIG to any organization for Training and consulting in Agile. Director of Software Development
Jerry’s teaching style and how he gradually delves deeper into each topic is very effective. The class is engaging, and the examples are realistic. I think I can apply the knowledge that I am gaining in this class right away. Senior Project Manager Consultant
Jerry answered all questions and really did a good job at transferring knowledge. Scrum Master
Good insight on how and when SAFe should be used, and industry insight. BSA

Testimonials, CSM, Markham 20171121, with D. Sabine

I felt a strong need to acquire the knowledge of the fundamentals so that I could help correct the misrepresentations of agile in my company. I believe strongly in the framework and it's relevance and as such feel obligated to defend it fiercely.” Infrastructure / Application Change Manager

The Scrum Master training was very comprehensive and valuable!”  Developer

Testimonials CSM 11/14/2017 with M. Berteig, J. Doucett, & S. Ostermiller

This was an intense, dynamic, and very engaging introduction to Scrum that made the framework easily accessible and understandable – despite the fact that I am not a software professional. Principal

The team at Berteig Consulting are the real industry leaders in providing agile knowledge and I learned so much during the duration of this course. Senior Business Analyst

Excellent…I would highly recommend this course for anyone trying to learn the agile framework. 10/10 recommended to everyone. Publishing Manager

Mishkin and team provided a well organized classroom environment that was optimal for learning and my confidence moving forward as a Scrum Master. Product Owner

It was a great session and the material covered and experiences shared during the session is really helpful. I look forward to utilizing the skills towards the success in my scrum team! Senior Programmer Analyst

Loved the group practical sprints that made it real. Mishkin has some great insights. Business Consultant

Testimonials, CSM, 20170817, Toronto, with D. Sabine

I began my career in an organization that was noted for high quality training. Berteig ranks up there. In 2 days, it gave me a comprehensive view of the Scrum target state. – President

I could have avoided a lot of heartache, sleepless nights and work stress had I taken this course much earlier.– Project Manager

The course was amazing. Even after practicing Scrum for so many years it enlightened me to so many basic but essential concepts. – Solution Architect

This is my second course with David. He is a fantastic instructor. He takes the time to address concerns and ensure the subject matter is understood. – Scrum/Project

David runs an incredibly engaging course. It will shake your understanding of how your teams do agile and help you refocus your team’s workflows. – IT Engineering Associate

It de-mystified a lot of what I thought I knew about Scrum. – Project Manager

Testimonials CSM 20170815, Private, M. Berteig

I’ve taken other Agile courses. This was the most interesting and effective.” Senior Development Manager

Exceeded my expectations in the quality and quantity of information I would receive and retain.” Development Manager

Course is highly recommended…for managing/enabling highly focused and enabled teams.” Senior Manager Development

Excellent course; packed with insights, hands on experience, relevant exercises and practical information that i can utilize immediately.” VP Sales

I did not expect to learn much but the instructor made the material interesting and provided insight through the way materials were delivered and (his) personal experiences. Overall a very effective and educational experience.” Senior Development Manager

Testimonials CSM, 20170726, Private, with Mishkin Berteig

Teaching material was well distributed and the instructor was good at explaining each item on the framework. I learned a lot from this course. Scrum Master

An interesting and useful course on Scrum and Agile which can be catered to different areas in organizations. Project Control Officer

The instructor was very competent and interesting, and the team exercises were relevant. We learned a lot in 2 days. Project Manager

Wonderful course that was engaging, fun, and informative. Instructor used effective techniques and examples to help facilitate learning and understanding and used engaging exercises to help us retain the information learned. Highly recommend! Project Control Officer

Mishkin is an excellent instructor. He explain the topics in details and the exercise are good because I actually experience the role of being a scrum master. Senior Project Leader – Development

There was a practical approach to Scrum that made the information more relatable and easier to envision in our own company.
Project Leader

Testimonials Toronto CSPO, 20170727, with David Sabine

So happy, and lucky to learn so valuable and applicable knowledge. It is always so clear and exceeds my expectations – real problems, real solutions! Scrum Master

One of the most engaging training I’ve attended! Product Manager

This course was wonderful – so much in the way of practical insight and techniques – so much value! Chief Operating Manager

Great presenter/instructor. Very informative and knowledgeable in the area. Senior Business Analyst

Testimonials CSM, Toronto, 20170725, with David Sabine

The material covered in the scrum master training was excellent and applicable to my day to day work habits. Project Manager
It was interesting to unlearn some behaviour, not to delegate but to self-organise and take initiative to complete the sprint goal. Business Analyst
I found the course to be greatly insightful as it helped me see how much an organization needs to change its culture…I feel that scrum is more effective and I would enjoy being part of scrum more. Senior Program Manager
David is a phenomenal coach – he knows his stuff and delivers it in a highly engaging and insightful way. You learn, you have fun and you don’t know where the time goes – thank you! Project Manager

Although coming off nearly 30 years of PMI and Waterfall and feeling discomfort the first day it started to abate by end of day 2. I think I can  use Scrum and improve projects run by my team IF I get management commitment. Program Manager
David is an excellent partner in the learning process. The organization ha
s an excellent method for training. Program Manager

Testimonials CSPO, Vancouver, 20170720 with Mishkin Berteig

“Amazing course! Highly recommended for anyone involved in software development. You get a great set of new skills and tools to implement truly agile methodologies.” Founder/ Director of Operations
“I really enjoyed the course and liked the mix of professionals attending.” 

“Course provides a solid and basic foundation about Scrum framework amd agile. Exercises  were practical and effective with focus on daily job activities. The instructor is knowledgeable and very dynamic. I recommend it to start the Agile transformation in your organization. Thanks!” Project Manager

CSM, Vancouver, 20170718, with Mishkin Berteig

Great course. – Learned a lot in a short time. Mishkin really knows this stuff inside out.” Senior IT PM
“Very knowledgeable coach. I valued Mishkin’s analogies and real world examples.” Delivery Lead

This is an excellent course for…preparing for the Scrum Master Certification exam.Project Manager

CSPO, Toronto, 20170713, with M. Berteig

This course is appropriate for people who had been working in the scrum framework for many years or those who are brand new and everyone in between.” Product Manager

…a knowledgeable and engaged instructor that encourages discussion.” Senior Manager

Awesome! I will be back for more great sessions.” Scrum Master

Mishkin is a fantastic presenter of information and coach. His real world examples were insightful and practical.” Senior Business Analyst

This was an amazing CSPO course. Mishkin as usual was super clear and an eye opener in doing things right.” Scrum Master

CSM, Toronto, 20170711 with M. Berteig and J. Doucett

What a great learning experience – comfortable, informative and interactive. Great trainers. I would recommend BERTEIG for any training that they have available.” Consultant

This course helped drive the direction of our company as an agile environment.” Senior Software Developer

The best training I’ve attended! Great instructors, in depth material. Highly recommended for any individual looking for career development.” Security Remediation Analyst

Mishkin is a very captivating, articulate, and straightforward.” Senior Product Manager

Testimonials CSM,Regina,20170706 with David Sabine

BERTEIG provided quality, and topical data and stories which were invaluable. Many takeaways.” Software Solutions Architect

better than Ted Talks and pod casts!” Business Analyst

Learned a lot of eye opening things about scrum. Many myths got busted.” Associate Project Manager

CSPO with Mishkin Berteig, Toronto, 20170622

“The course was very strong (with) well prepared material on an impactful topic, led by an engaging, knowledgeable instructor.”
— Head of Corporate Intranet and Internal Social Media – June 2017

“I literally dread training…EXCEPT when it comes to this course. I’ve now taken both the CSM course and the CSPO course through Berteig and I’m already wondering what can I take next?! Hands down the best training out.”
— Product Owner – June 2017

Testimonials CSM, Toronto, with Mishkin Berteig & J. Doucett, 20170620

The instructors are experienced agile practitioners, and they provided invaluable advice on real life challenges scrum masters often encounter.” Scrum Master

…even though (Scrum) may not be used right away in my work, it provided me with good ideas to start seeding the Agile practice.” Senior Software Developer

I appreciated Mishkin’s and Jerry’s great energy and enthusiasm for Scrum…It encouraged me to actually get rid of the fear of scrum transformation.” Project Manager

“With the great retrospective techniques learned and the clear explanation of the definition of done, I feel confident of helping my team to become the most high performance team ever”. Software Engineer

Testimonials KMP, Travis Birch, June 2017

Travis was very knowledgeable and responded very well to all questions. The course has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation for Kanban. It has helped me connect the dots by providing a bridge between traditional ways of working and full-on Agile ways of working.” Principal

Testimonial Kanban System Design, Travis Birch, June 2017

Travis was an excellent Coach, the pace was excellent. The games and case studies were very relevant.” Project Manager

Testimonials Team Kanban with Travis Birch, Toronto, June 12, 2017

The Team Kanban Practitioner training delivered by Travis is a great way to be introduced to the Kanban Method. You’ll learn things you can apply in your workplace the day you get back!” CTO

This training has given me simple methods to see at a glance what’s on my plate and organize my work flow.” Team Developer

Testimonials SAFe, Toronto June 14-15 with Jerry Doucett

Jerry does a great job delivering the material, providing insights and perspectives as an agilist, and sharing his experiences for context.” Agile Coach

Jerry has provided great training and real world insight on the utilization of SAFe.” Senior Manager

If you’re trying to figure out how to scale agile teams, this course will give you the foundation how to use SAFe to scale.” Program Manager

CSM Testimonials, Montreal, June 14-15, with David Sabine

I loved this course – the coaching methodology was awesome! I definitely recommend this course to anyone even with zero scrum practice. Lead Developer

Different approach without any electronic aids. Personal with lots of anecdotes that give meaning. Development Architect

The concept fosters an environment of employee engagement which in turn leads to success. Project Delivery

Testimonials CSPO, London, 05-30, with Mishkin Berteig

The course provides clear and resonating information re Scrum and the Product Owner role.The trainer never flags in his efforts to educate! Team Developer

Very fast way to better understand and practice Scrum and specifically role of Product Own. Control Systems Manager

Testimonials CSM, Toronto 05-30 with David Sabine

It was an incredibly useful course that helped me expand my knowledge and how to effectively work as a Scrum Master. Scrum Master

The past two days were very beneficial and served my needs in trying to understand Agile in general and Scrum method in particular. I am very satisfied with the training. Projects Advisor/ Coordinator

Great foundational course that provides Scrum grounding and preparedness for future iterative development opportunities. Program Manager

Testimonials CSM, Markham with David Sabine, 2017-05-25

The course was really dynamic and enjoyable, learned a lot in 2 days. – Business and Development Consultant

This is the most interesting and helpful training I have ever attended. –Scrum Master

(Instructor) was engaging and knows the work. Great teacher. Project Manager

Thank you for your effort, the course was very useful and will help me in my career development.Self-employed

Loved it! – BA

Great opportunity to learn from someone (who) worked in the field for many years, and with in-depth expertise. – Project Delivery

Testimonials CSM Mississauga 2017-05-18 with David Sabine

Excellent courseware, time bound and exceeded expectations. – Product Owner

Great interactive training covering the whole scrum framework! Loved it. – Senior Product Manager

Course was very insightful and informative even if you have knowledge in Scrum, it gives extra pointers that you can use to help your team. – Scrum Master

The course was very well organized and thoughtfully delivered by a very knowledgeable trainer. I learnt a lot more outside of the core training as well. – Business Analyst

Testimonials CSM Toronto with Jerry Doucett & Mishkin Berteig, 17-05-16

Great framework for leveraging the power of teams and skills. Change Management

Engaging course with a variety of methods used to simulate the role of a scrum master. Feel much more confident in my knowledge. Consultant

Great job Jerry and Mishkin. It was an awesome experience going through this training session. You guys made learning easy and fun. Senior Project Manager

I would recommend this course to any one/company that is interested in agility and the use of scrum as a methodology. Both Jerry Doucett and Mishkin Berteig were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Scrum Master

Great framework for leveraging the power of teams and skills. Change Management

Effective course in providing framework and principles for Scrum. Mishkin’s passion for following these is infectious and I really enjoyed his delivery. Senior QA Manager

Testimonials CSM Mississauga with David Sabine, 17-05-15

A high energetic course with a fun and engaging instructor.  Consultant

Great course. I liked every single event and practice. The trainer is excellent and so passionate about what he is teaching. Thank you for the good experience.  Team Lead

The course was really great in terms of practicality and coaching. There were concepts that were explained above and beyond the routine training. Assistant Consultant

Excellent course! I enjoyed the…teaching methods, tools, dynamic, etc. One of the best!  You will not regret attending this course. Project Manager

After hearing multiple times about agile methodology from everyone, I attended this class and received valuable answers to all the doubts that I had regarding scrum. Now I’m confident of being of value to my company and myself. Business Analyst

Testimonials from CSPO, May 10 & 11, Toronto, with David Sabine

This course opened my mind to a new way to approach product development and use new techniques that will help my team and my professional development.” Director Program Management

Great training. Cleared up any miscommunications and learned new tools to bring back to the organization.” Product Owner

This training gave me a lot of confidence to go back to my org and implement better practices.” Program Manager

Testimonials Team Development Workshop with Valerie Senyk, Vancouver, May 2, 2017

“Enjoyed immensely – very atypical.” – Sr. Content Innovation Specialist, May 2017

“I learned some really cool activities that I will use again.” – Specialist, May 2017

“Great team building exercises – fun and engaging.” – Strategist, May 2017

“Overall I thought it was very good.” – Sr. Content Innovation Specialist, May 2017

Testimonials CSM Toronto with M. Berteig and J. Doucett, April 25-26, 2017

The subject is very relevant to my environment currently and I believe I will be able to put this into practice immediately.” –Senior Director

Good hands-on training with lots of insights and definitively leaving users with good foundations to continue with the use of the scrum framework.” -Consultant/ Director

I would recommend the training for anyone and everyone as this framework can be implemented in every area of the business.” -Senior Manager Reporting and Analysis

This is an awesome training, I am currently working in a Scrum team but I am new to Scrum, after this course, I am able to apply what I learned to my real work.” – Lead Software Developer

Mishkin and Jerry  demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and experience in implementing scrum practices  across various organizations.  They led the class very professionally and it was very informative and interactive. I just loved it..I would highly recommend anyone for sessions with this team.” -QA Manager

I believe that the methodology will help me in my everyday life and I will recommend my colleagues take it as well.” –Manager Operations

Thank you for this structured and efficient way of introducing scrum.” -Business System Analyst

This is a paradigm shift! It is hard and uncomfortable and exciting.” –Project Manager

Testimonials SAFe with Jerry Doucett, Toronto, April 2017

Great that Jerry has actual real life stories, that he’s a practitioner not just an instructor. But he’s a great instructor too. Solid knowledge. “- Program Manager

Jerry is very knowledgeable, encourage discussion among the teams, sharing his wealth of experience of SAFe approach.” – QA Team Lead

Great training. Jerry dominates the subject and provides good advice.” – Program Manager

“Jerry provides very good mix of framework theory and his real experience.” – Solutions Architect

Testimonials CSPO April 4- 5, with J. Doucett and M. Berteig
Instructors are amazing! So welcoming and knowledgeable. They really do care about our success. – Banking Advisor

A very interactive and intuitive course for both people who are aware of SCRUM and its way or going about achieving product goals for an organization, and also to those who want to help bring about change in their company. – Developer

The training seminar was educational and relevant. I learned many helpful things to improve my PO role in the workplace. The team activities were fun and allowed me to better understand the agile process. – Manager

Testimonials CSM Toronto April 4-5 with Mishkin Berteig and Jerry Doucett

This course was outstanding; as a small business owner I learned a lot of new techniques that I can implement day-to-day. We will be working towards using scrum going forward.” – CEO

This workshop exceeded my expectations! Was good to see how things should be done in a workplace setting.” – Project Lead

Inspire new thoughts, change mindset.” – Senior Manager

Jerry and Mishkin provided a very interactive 2-day course. The simulation…showcased the value and importance of the scrum framework. Their industry experiences also allowed them to provide a lot of insights to addressing real life issues, not just in the scrum bubble.” – Project Coordinator

Fantastic!” – Project Manager

Will definitely recommend to colleagues and friends!” – IT Program Manager

Testimonials, CSPO, Toronto, Mar 23-24, Mishkin and Jerry

“If you’re looking to for techniques and skills on how to be a successful product owner I would highly recommend this course.”  Executive

“The core and unwavering belief of quality for the customer was the Aha! moment. It’s definitely made me a believer and wanting to learn more.” Director of Development 

“(I) Learned lots of new techniques to increase productivity. I would recommend this course to my colleagues.” Product Owner 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I learned great methods that I will be able to apply when I get back to the office.” Manager 

“Good mix of theory and workshop. Great instructors.” Program Management 

Testimonials, SAFe, Toronto with Jerry Doucett, March 21-22

“Great insight for those with a desire to transform their corporate culture.” –  Business Owner

“Jerry is an extremely engaging instructor with much insights into how to help organizations adopt Agile. He has a very realistic view of how things are, and has given me many tools to implement Agile using the framework SAFe provides.” – Principal Consultant

“The course with Jerry through Berteig has given me excellent insight on the SAFe techniques and its implementation methodologies. The course was designed in such a way that people can easily understand and adopt the methodology.” – Scrum Master

“The focus on the change needing to come from the top was really great. Many businesses say let’s hire scrum masters and we will be agile.” – Senior PM Consultant

“I would recommend the SAFe course…as it helped add clarity to my gap of understanding the process applying transformation at an enterprise level.” – Project Manager

“Kudos to Jerry, I really enjoyed his coaching style.” – Senior Program Manager

Testimonials CSM, Toronto, with David Sabine, March 20-21

The training changed positively my thoughts about Agile and Scrum.” – IT Manager

Amazing – great instructor.” – Infrastructure Engineer

I really enjoyed the two day program facilitated by David Sabine. He was able to demonstrate all the principles and answered all questions in a through manner with examples.” – Project Management Consultant

This training has helped me reinforce the knowledge I already know, unlearn and re-learn the accurate Agile framework which gives me more confidence to apply a more correct Agile concepts to my current team.” – Project Manager/ Scrum Master

Great course with a good pace. Must be serious to attend.” – Senior Business Analyst/ PMO

Thank you for one of the best training programs I have ever attended.” – Scrum Master

Testimonials, CSM Markham, Mar 7-8, David Sabine

This course would be essential to helping organizations change age-old behaviours and methods and achieve greater results. I…will be taking this back to my organization.” – Project Delivery Manager

D- has been great about…how the real agile is supposed to work. It was a good perspective for us coming in into the training from a different enterprise waterfall-agile combined approach.” – Senior Technology Architect

Thoroughly enjoyed the course! Definitely recommend to anyone wanting to learn about Scrum.” – Scrum Master

Great insights! Will definitely help in my current and future job roles.” -Scrum Master

Testimonials CSM, Toronto, Feb 28-Mar 1, with Mishkin Berteig and Jerry Doucett

Interesting delivery of lean/agile concepts, which is often misunderstood and misused! Berteig really tackled the fundamentals of scrum and provided invaluable insights to someone who might want to get acquaintance with the concepts or is already working in an agile environment.” – Senior Manager

Was an eye opening experience to rethink the people side of businesses…I was most struck by…how this tool is supposed to reshape work life balance and re-humanize the workplace…” – Resources

Testimonials from CSPO, Feb 23-24, Vancouver, for Mishkin Berteig

The CSPO course offered by Berteig is an excellent introduction to the world of product ownership. It covers a wide variety of topics and ensures that you have the breadth to be able to apply the topics in your day-to-day. Would highly recommend.” – Product Owner

Mishkin’s class is always very educational and practical with real world examples.” – Director

An enlightening look on the scrum framework, and a real reality check on just how agile we are right now.” – Head of Product

Testimonials CSM, Vancouver, Feb.21-22, for Mishkin Berteig

Great class and extremely helpful. Instructor was awesome in helping grasp concepts easily. Would highly recommend. – CEO

A valuable course to learn the basics of being a scrum master. Lots of issues tackled, and it certainly challenges you to think about your own work in a different way. – Policy Analyst

Loved the course and the energy of the facilitator. – Project Manager and Producer

Great course for any organization looking to maximize results & provide a great working environment & relationships. – Project Manager

Highly recommended to everyone that’s considering evaluating Agile framework and examples of practical application of methodologies to the workplace. – Release and Environments Manager

Testimonials CSPO, Feb 15-16’17, for David Sabine

Absolutely fantastic. I learned ‘way more than I expected to. The material is 1%, the ability to make it relevant and applicable is the 99% that (the instructor) brings.Product Owner

This course was very relevant to my work and helped me understand not only scrum but agile culture better as a whole and my place within it. The instructor was very engaging, passionate, and focused. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning about what it really means to be a PO. – Product Owner

(The instructor) is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in delivering and organizing the course material…and shares great passion for teaching this and tries to be inclusive with the class. – BA/PM/Design Thinker

Testimonials CSM, Toronto, with David Sabine, Feb.7-8, ’17

It is really rare to see the human component in classes such as this one. I absolutely welcome and appreciate it. (The instructor) was brilliant. – IT Project Coordinator

This course was helpful in not only describing Scrum in theory, but also gave the opportunity to immediately apply the concepts. This learning method greatly assisted with…identifying ways to implement these concepts into my workplace. – Project Management Practice Lead

Testimonials for SAFe with Jerry Doucett, Feb 6-7, 2017

There was a lot of value in the discussions we had.” – Agile Coach

It was a good course. The instructor was very knowledgeable about the topic and had good experience.” – Scrum Master

Testimonials from CSPO with Mishkin Berteig, 02/02/17

It was fabulous to have such a business focus in a delivery world. Loved it! – PM/ CSM/ Program Manager

I would recommend this to any Product Owners looking to enhance their knowledge and aspiring Product owners to acquire the relevant knowledge. – Associate Manager

(The instructor) delivers the class with an incredible breadth of knowledge and understanding in the application of real agile to large organizations. He is able to answer a wide range of questions using real world examples in implementing scrum and it’s processes in various environments. Most of all though, he appreciates and cares about all of the participants in his classroom assisting each of them time during and after sessions to think through the implications of a change of culture. – Software Developer

Testimonials from CSM, Jan 31-Feb 01, with Mishkin Berteig

I highly recommend taking this course. (The instructor) was great in the delivery of his content and his exercises kept you focused. – Manager

Great balance of hands on and theory. The training allows you to walk away being able to implement scrum instantly – Master Data Analyst

Very valuable and open discussions during the course were vital to the overall learning experience. – Project Manager

I loved the highly interactive nature of the training. The instructor was very engaging and shared numerous anecdotes about how challenges were handled in the real world. – Consultant

Testimonials from CSPO, January 2017, with David Sabine

“The course really helps challenge traditional development methods and demonstrate value.”
—Capability Owner – January 2017

“I learned a lot of very valuable and essential information and plan to use the course material whenever possible.”
—Manager – January 2017

“The Product Owner course was very eye opening and has helped me look at our product in a completely new way.”
— Manager – January 2017

“This course has proved to be valuable in understanding the role of the PO within an agile team and I feel better prepared to be a successful scrum team member.”
—Senior Business Analyst – January 2017

Testimonials from Certified Agile Leadership 1 with Michael Sahota

“I liked the fluid, agile structure/execution of the course, adapting to the needs of the audience at hand.” —Agile Coach – January 2017

“Enlightening, amazing, refreshing.”—Director – January 2017

“I enjoyed how Michael facilitated the training in a way where everyone had an equal voice in a safe, comfortable yet thought-provoking environment.”—Agile and Governance CoE Lead – January 2017

“Enlightening, enabling, inspiring.” —Senior Project Manager – January 2017

“It helped me recognize how connected everything is in my organization…tailored information to the group’s needs.”
—Program Manager – January 2017

“…deep, compassionate, freeing.”—Agile Coach – January 2017

“Declaring the info and insights were optional helped to create openness.” —Team Developer – January 2017

Testimonials from CSM, Jan.23-4, 2017, with David Sabine

(This) world class instructor opened my mind in seeing past all the restrictions.– Software Development Manager

facilitator brings a personal touch to the course that takes Scrum beyond a simple objective but rather a means to meaningful organizational change.

 – IT Consultant

The course is engaging, enlightening, mind opening, and personal. (The instructor) is well versed in his content, the art, and deliberate in the delivery.

– Principal Consultant

Course was excellent and the instructor provided very constructive training. I enjoyed the openness to questions – great job.DirectorThis course will benefit my career with exercising scrum. I learned a lot about myself, too!

– Technology Specialist

(The instructor) was clear, knowledgable and cares! 10+

– Operations

CSM with David Sabine, Toronto, January 3 &4, 2017

“Great course. It was valuable to hear a professional speak on Scrum and to gather with others who work in different environments to gain their perspectives.”
—Scrum Master – January 2017

“I highly recommend this course, no matter where your organization is on the ‘agile’ spectrum. Being a change agent begins with understanding what you are advocating for. I feel empowered by this experience.”
—Project Manager – January 2017

“One of the best training sessions I have attended. The course layout and the way the Trainer conducted the class was amazing.”
—Risk Manager – January 2017

From Leading SAFe, Toronto, Jan.10-11, 2017 with Jerry Doucett

“Fantastic introduction and overview to SAFe! (Instructor) was able to translate the information into something more easily relatable to everyday work.”
—Development Manager – January 2017

“Well-organized course. Instructor knows his stuff especially with so much information.”
—Project Manager – January 2017

“Good course which introduces the basic concepts of Scaled Agile and how it should be implemented in an enterprise/ bigger organization.”
—Project Manager – January 2017

Testimonials from CSM, Toronto, Jan.3-4, 2017, with D. Sabine

I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to wants to learn more about Scrum and the idea of Scrum. David is a fantastic and enthusiastic teacher, who can inspire change and a different way of working. – Consultant

This course is a must to understand what is scrum, what is scrum compatible (with) and what is not scrum. A lot of organizations say they are agile but in reality they are just using a part of scrum. This is a good reality check.– Senior Consultant

The course was extremely useful. Even if already working in the agile work space it was great to learn new techniques that will aid in team improvement. – Programmer

David is a great trainer. He demands attention at the same time has a great sense of humor which made the course both successful and fun. – Manager of Professional Services

One of the most professional yet fun courses that I have attended. David is a master at keeping everyone engaged! – IT Development Manager

Agile for HR Workshop, Dec. 2016 with Frank Leong (Private)

“BERTEIG helped to overcome my lack of true understanding of what Agile really is.” – HRBP
“(I most enjoyed) understanding how HR can support Agile environments/ groups.” – HR Consultant
“I enjoyed the group interactions and brainstorming.” – Talent Acquisition

Testimonials from Leading SAFe, Toronto, December 15/ 16, with Jerry Doucett

“Fast-paced and engaging course.”
— Project Manager – December 2016

“Amazing course – I would recommend it to any team who would like to adopt Scaled Agile in their organization.”
—Senior Release & Configuration Analyst – December 2016

“Great course! Learnt a lot beyond just the immediate course pak.”
—Senior Management Developer – December 2016

“(The instructor) is very familiar with real world scenarios that have real practical application of methodology.”
—Applications Manager – December 2016

“Well thought-out course designed to fit into the time allotted. Good real life examples and a collaborative approach to the course encouraged participation.”
—Scrum Master – December 2016

Testimonials from CSM, Toronto, Dec.13/14 with David Sabine

“It was a wonderfully designed course where the trainer was well prepared and ready to answer questions from different work sector people.”
—Senior Software Developer/ Scrum Master – December 2016

“Clear, engaging and practical-oriented.”
—Consultant/ Project Specialist – December 2016

“Learned so much in two days!”
—Senior Software Developer – December 2016

Testimonials from CSPO, Toronto, Dec. 8 -9, with David Sabine
“This training was invaluable as I can take the tools and techniques to improve Agile in my organization.”
—Product Owner – December 2016

“D— provides real life examples and addresses questions in a way that not only teach you what you need but provoke further reflection.”
—Program Manager, December 2016

“Interactive, engaging and great two days. Content is immediately impactful…”
—Manager, December 2016

Testimonials from CSM, Dec. 7 & 8, Toronto, with Mishkin Berteig and Jerry Doucett

“Extremely knowledgeable and highly experienced faculty.”
— Master Data Specialist – December 2016

“As organizations look to adopt Agile, I believe it is very important to take this training on the concepts of Agile and Scrum.”
—Director of Consulting Services – December 2016

“Great course for being a useful and mindful Scrum Master in your organization.”
—Project Manager – December 2016

“Awesome experience in learning SCRUM framework. Nicely articulated and organized course.”
—Senior Project Manager – December 2016

Testimonials from CSM, Toronto, December 6 &7, with David Sabine

“Worth every penny – clarified truths and dispelled myths of Scrum.”
— IT Director – December 2016

“If you want an informative and productive CSM overview by a person who has worked in the field of excellence then D—- is your man.”
—Agile Coach – December 2016

Testimonials from CSPO, Dec. 1-2, 2016, with David Sabine

“BERTEIG’s course was very informative and full of other professionals who drove thoughtful conversations and discussions. This was an extremely valuable use of my very limited time!”
—Product Owner – December 2016

“The course is in-depth and interesting. I’ll leverage this in my day-to-day work.”
—Product Manager, December 2016

“Really helped me to understand the bad habits that can leak in from waterfall methods.”
—Senior Manager Business Transformation, December 2016

“…a great trainer, capable and focused with vast hands-on experience.”
—Senior Account Manager, December 2016

“Great great course! Recommend it to everyone.”
—Consultant, December 2016

Testimonials from CAL1, Nov. 29-30, 2016, with Michael Sahota

“Amazing, life changing, mind opening…”
—Director Agile COE – November 2016

“Be ready to let go of the idea of finding ‘one answer.'”
—Manager – November 2016

“Inspiring – revealing – growing.”
—Agilist – November 2016

“Powerfully awakening and inspirational for my personal journey.”
—Agile Lead – November 2016

Testimonials from CSM, Markham 11/29/16, with David Sabine

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to advance their knowledge of Scrum specifically and Agile methodology in general.”
—Web Application Developer – November 2016

“(The instructor) is very knowledgeable and professional. This course definitely encourages me to get closer to Agile.”
—Manager – November 2016

“(The instructor) implemented guidelines on timing just as it would be required by a Scrum Master. He provided evidence as well as clear and concise examples for the team, and was available to answer questions effectively. He is personable and made me feel comfortable in the class.”
—Senior QA – November 2016

“Came to realize myth from reality. Great course and learned a lot. Good material.”
—Scrum Master and TPM – November 2016

Testimonials from Intro to Agile, Private, 2016-11-28, with Jerry Doucett

Good course. Very good instructor. – Systems Analyst

The entire course was very well thought out and structured.  Jerry was an excellent instructor who took the time to answer questions and presented the material effectively.  He provided real life examples and comparisons to the “traditional” way of doing things which really highlighted the differences and benefits of agile.

Excellent job!  Thank you for all your hard work and preparation in presenting the material to us. – Systems Analyst

Testimonials from Advanced Agile Training, Vancouver, Nov. 16-19, with Mishkin Berteig:
“Mishkin was able to customize a three day training course for our team which helped address some of our challenges with Agile adoption, moulding the material to satisfy our group’s specific concerns and interests. We were able to gain valuable insight into Agile in our organization, and would highly recommend his expertise to others in similar situations.” – Developer Analyst, November 2016
“This course was great. I now feel that I could go back to my team and leadership, and provide some real direction on how we can integrate some Agile techniques.” – BSA, November 2016
“I would highly recommend this course to any team in T—— that wants to adopt Agile.” – Team Manager, November 2016


Testimonials from CSPO, November 17 & 18, with David Sabine:

“Definitely one to attend. Gain an immediate head-start. Will recommend to all who I think could benefit from it.”
—General Manager, Digital – November 2016

“This course was excellent for providing techniques to deal with real life scenarios of teams attempting work in Agile…”
—Information Architect – November 2016

Learning from CSPO, Nov. 17 &18, with David Sabine:
“Even for a very mature audience it’s important to introduce basic concepts…Agile itself is getting mature and requires critical mass to believe and to practice.” – CIL
“Involve customers as early and often as you can.” – Senior Manager
“It was sobering to realize that in spite of the excellent PO training (for) which I’ve signed my entire team up, the team can only be successful if the organization chooses to operate differently.” – Associate Vice President
“Champion your product.” – Product Manager
“Difference between performance metric and value metric – we conflate these at my work currently.” – Information Architect

Testimonials from the CSPO, Oct. 24-25, with David Sabine

“This course came highly recommended but I still found it completely exceeded my expectations. The course cleared up a lot of concerns I have (about Scrum) and made me eager to bring back the things I’ve learned and help improve processes.”
—Product Owner, October 2016

“Great course. I will definitely recommend BERTEIG for future courses.”
— Business Analyst, October 2016

“I found this course to be very relevant given the transformation my organization is currently undergoing. I found it valuable to learn and understand the pure concepts, principles and guidelines without having them translated or watered down, thereby losing value.”
—Senior Manager, October 2016

“Great insights and learning on product backlog, which is the backbone to being a successful product manager in an agile/scrum environment.”
—Product Manager, October 2016

Learning from CSPO, Oct 25-4-25, with David Sabine
“Working with the backlog and prioritizing defects to the top, while pushing for the definition of done to include a low number of overall defects.” – Digital Consultant
“(I learned) proper best practices for user stories in the product backlog and how process relates to the sprint backlog.” – Product Owner
“…connecting and having empathy for the persona.” – Senior Manager Business Analysis

Testimonials from The CSPO, Oct. 27-28, Vancouver, With Mishkin Berteig

“The CSPO course has given me enough knowledge to get the true Agile conversation started in my organization.”—Product Manager, October 2016

“Fantastic approach to managing conflicting priorities.”
—Scrum Master and Project Manager, October 2016

“(The instructor) explains the manifesto in a way that is easy to follow and stand behind as a powerful disruptive set of principles. The course includes an easy-to-implement set of tools as part of a two-day simulation.”
—Creative Director, October 2016

Learning from the CSPO, Vancouver, Oct. 27-28, with Mishkin Berteig:
“On estimating effort – to assume that nothing else is built. On estimating value – to assume that everything else is built. These two will greatly help in estimating and managing the backlog.” – Director of Operations
“Helped me to finalize the decision to clean/close/delete our bloated backlog. If they are important they will come up again. The benfits of closing them vastly outweigh their non-value…” – QA

Testimonials from CSM, Nov. 3-4, 2016, with David Sabine:

“Compared to all other agile courses I have attended, this was by far the most effective and dynamic.”
—Senior Business Analyst, November 2016

“I recommend this course to discuss real-life applications of scrum in the workplace.”
—Senior Manager Development, November 2016

“A comprehensive overview of Scrum and the power it presents to organizations ready to embrace change.”
—Business Analyst, November 2016

“Very enjoyable…it helps me understand processes at work much better…it opened up a new chapter for me.”
—Project Leader, November 2016

Learning from CSM, Nov. 3-4, with David Sabine:
“How to advocate for better adoption of Scrum within the organization, by (knowing) how to use new tools, and a better understanding of the Scrum Master role.” -Project Manager
“To make scrum work you need a corporation to support the concept.” – Senior Manager Development
“The most important thing I will take from this class is being able to explain scrum to others…” – Senior Business Analyst
“Open mind is a must-have.” – Team Member


Testimonials from CSM, Vancouver, Oct. 25-26, with Mishkin Berteig

“The CSM course provides…practical tools to allow you to apply them instantly to your daily work environment. M- is incredibly helpful, attentive and knowledgeable. The course is excellent for both technical and non-technical people.”

—HR Manager, October 2016

“I personally learned a lot about Scrum/Agile and I can see how it can be applied in our messy work environments.”
—Software Developer, October 2016

Learning from CSM, Vancouver, Oct. 25-26, with Mishkin Berteig
“Self-awareness of my reactions/ emotions in a new team environment and the importance of having a good, strong Scrum Master and the impact on the team. I also realized just how much traditional HR practises could be an inhibitor to high-performing teams.” – HR Manager
“Continuous planning, execution and reviewing help to easily get a working software.” – Software Developer
“I was really impressed with our instructor, Jerry. He was very knowledgable and has extensive experience in the field working in many different organizations.  It was great to get his ‘real-world’ perspective on the topic of scaling Agile.”
Scrum Master, Media & Broadcasting – October 2016
“This course was very enlightening – it helped me realize that scaling Agile in large enterprises is possible. Sharing conversations and experiences with others in the class was also a very valuable experience.”
Planning Manager, Financial Sector – October 2016
“Jerry was an amazing instructor; he was knowledgeable, patient and was very effective at translating a lot of material.”
Planning Manager, Financial Sector – October 2016

Testimonials from the CSPO, Toronto, Sept. 29 & 30, with Mishkin Berteig and Jerry Doucett

“Though kind of a newbie to Agile and Scrum, I now feel much more confident in working in an Agile environment. Can’t thank the instructors enough.”
—Senior Consultant – September 2016

“Great course! Love to do it again!”
—Product Owner – September 2016

“I’m looking forward to sharing what I have learned with my Scrum team.”
—Product Owner – September 2016

“This course was very informative and helped clarify the true Scrum methodology…The instructors were very knowledgeable.”
—Product Owner – September 2016

“This course gave me the full picture about the role of the Product Owner as part of Scrum.”
— Senior Manager – September 2016

“Great course for new and seasoned Product Owners.”
— Product Owner – September 2016

Learning from the CSPO, Toronto, Sept.29 & 30, with Mishkin Berteig and Jerry Doucett
“To me the most important thing learned is the mindset shift required from a roles and title perspective. How fast could an organization achieve this?” – Senior Consultant
“Creating and sorting product backlog, tools and techniques to measure value, deep understanding of product owner role. Concept of persona was very interesting.” – Product Owner
“(1) The method of breaking the project down into manageable and deliverable pieces, (2) the method of prioritizing which projects to be completed next.” – Logistics Manager
“The importance of having a product owner define the needs and the acceptability of not necessarily getting it right the first time. It’s okay to fail, just fail quickly and adjust plan.” – SVP Operations
“I learned a new way of writing my user stories where I would base it on value. During the class, this was a challenge for us…however, I’m sure with more practice and a different way of thinking, stories will improve for both myself and the team.” – Product Owner
“The Product Box was something new to me. It was a great medium for delivering or communicating the product vision.” – Product Owner
“ROI method for figuring out Business value.” – Business Analyst Manager
“Always think about your Product Vision when developing Metrics to measure.” – Manager

CSPO Regina, Sept. 20-21 with David Sabine

“Great course for new and seasoned Product Owners.”
— Product Owner – September 2016

“Lots of good information. Very timely.”
— Product Owner – September 2016

“The course provides great examples of how to deal with issues for PO’s.”
— Product Owner – September 2016

From the CSPO Aug. 25 & 26, 2016, Vancouver, with Mishkin Berteig:

“The course is highly recommended for every dynamic development team facing real world challenges.” Director, Product Management – August 2016

“Solid takeaways. Well communicated. Hands-on experience.” Senior Producer – August 2016

“The CSPO training course provided a great venue for refreshing learning and experienced ideas and methods, in addition to adding new tools to my toolkit.” Founder – August 2016

“Non-product-owners should also attend this course!” Product Owner – August 2016

“This course grounded me in understanding how to focus efforts around breaking down my product development based on our vision and team capabilities.” VP Operations – August 2016

“…One of the best trainers….valuable, concise, engaging.” Co-Founder – August 2016

“I found value in learning techniques to develop an effective Product Vision.” Product Owner – August 2016


“Mike provided a safe and enjoyable environment that successfully delivered a fantastic, hands-on learning experience of many of the sought-after technical practices. Well done!” — Coach – September 2016

“Mike is a great instructor with many years of industry experience. The course has both theory and coding examples which is awesome!”—SW Engineer – September 2016

“In three days of interactive class where both organizational and technology issues and challenges are addressed, students get to learn while having fun, and living the agile experience.”—Scrum Master – September 2016


Testimonials from the CSM Training, Vancouver, August 23 & 24, 2016, faciliated by Mishkin Berteig:

“This Scrum Master seminar has enabled me to overcome some long held biases about team management…(and) to facilitate and trust an empowered team.” Operations Management Co-Owner – August 2016

“The training gave me the hope that we can work in more efficient ways, increase productivity, etc. I am excited to apply it in reality.” Educator – August 2016

“…one of the best courses I have attended. I like how the class was organized and kept on time, as well as the delivery method.” Senior Manager Global Immigration – August 2016

“Good course and great instructor who was very knowledgeable. Lots of things to bring back and try out with my team.” Senior Manager – August 2016

Testimonials from August 17 & 18 CSM, Mississauga

“This is the only course I have ever taken where I was sorry when it was over!” PMO Manager – August 2016

“Scrum is great for any company and the instructors are very knowledgeable of the topic and did a great job delivering scrum.” Director of Business Accelerator (Saudi Arabia) – August 2016

“Great course. (The facilitators) were awesome and really care about Scrum.” Scrum Master – August 2016

“BERTEIG Scrum Master training…was time well spent. Even though I have practiced as a scrum master for a few years, I picked up a lot of great insight and techniques.” Scrum Master – August 2016

“Very Knowledgeable facilitators. Best course ever.” Team Lead – August 2016

 Learning from August 17 & 18 CSM, Mississauga
“Quality above all else.” -Team Lead/ Scrum Master
“The idea that blending work and personal worlds contributes or is a genuine outcome of high performance teams and greatly contributes to a quality work environment.” -Teacher
“It helped me learn the core framework. Able to differentiate between scrum and non-standard activities followed.” -Product Owner
“Adaptability of scrum to projects vs product development.” -Project Manager
“Scrum helps a team to collaborate.” -Owner


26 Super Statements About BERTEIG Learning Events!
  1. “Great!…very interesting and thought-provoking. Director
2. “Start executing and worry less about planning.” QA Consultant

3. “Informational and educational. Debunked myths related to working Agile.” IT Project Manager

4. “Stop planning. Start building.” Delivery Manager

5. “Totally agree – physical boards (are) best. Digital tools hide problems.” Agile Coach
6. “Overall scrum training holds strategic value, anticipating future skill requirements.” Attendee
7. “People are resistant to defining task level work.” Agile Coach
8. “Insight: be conscious of assumptions being made re product requirements. Try and identitfy value criteria early on – use this to guide the work.” – Product Strategist
9. “The idea of consistent learning, feedback and the goal of iterating at every possible step for the best solution is just the best technique I could bring to BrainRunner.” – Scrum Master
10. “The sprint review is about feedback on the product from customer and stakeholders.” – Project Manager
11. “Creating a high performance team is so much about honest feedback and care for each other.” – Software Developer
12. “Remove distraction and keep the team focus.” – Project Manager
13. “I learned quite a few (concepts), one being the importance of pushing back during sprint planning if the team feels they will not be able to complete the goal.” – Assoc. Project Manager
14. “Scrum is for products, not for projects.” – Director of DevelopmentProduct Owner Simulation - Product Box Example
15. “Most valuable was believing in a team as a unit, rather than an individual.” – Service Transition

16. “Overall motivating and empowering course!” Business Manager – July 2016

17. “This course has been most beneficial for me. Over the two-day period I spent quality time listening and thinking about problems with Agile practice in the real world.” Software Developer – July 2016

18. “This training program helped me understand more about the scrum framework and gave me the confidence to progress to a new role in the agile world.” Project Manager – July 2016

19. “A great stepping stone to help my organization with agile.” Interactive Designer – July 2016

20. “The role of Product Ownership and the level of commitment our company needs to take to become an Agile company is a crucial decision that I now have the tools to present the value of to other stakeholders in our organization.” – Founder – July 2016

21. “The Product Owner course helped clarify a number of questions I had about the implementation of Agile.” – Creative Director – July 2016

22. “Excellent classroom experience!” – Product Owner – July 2016players-playing

23. “The course taught me many new ideas and concepts.” – Director – July 2016

24. “Great course to understand and comprehend product owner role and scrum methodology.” – Sr. Product Manager – July 2016

25. “Knowledgeable and patient instructor! There was lots of interactions with the group that led to great conversations and “ah-ha” moments!” – Scrum Master – July 2016

26. “If you want to learn the basics of the Product Owner role quickly, this is the class!” – Program Manager – July 2016

** To learn more about training with BERTEIG or to register for an upcoming class, check out this site

** Statements Courtesy of Participants:
– Feedback from CSM, Waterloo, July 6 & 7
– Insights from CSM Attendees, July 12 & 13, 2016
– Testimonials from CSM, July 12 & 13, 2016
– Testimonies from the CSPO course, July 14 & 15, 2016

Positive Feedback & Highlights of Learning from Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) , Aug. 11 & 12, with Mishkin and Jerry Doucett

MishkingTraining“This course has really changed my way of thinking of Agile and the Product Owner role. There were hands-on simulations and experience that can be brought back to apply to my real life work experience”  Business Lead – August 2016

“It is the best course I have recently taken having just finished a Masters program in Comp Sci and Management…over the past two years. This is the best one.” Product Owner and Agile Developer – August 2016

“One of the best courses I have ever taken because the instructors are able to TEACH the concepts in multiple ways.” Product Manager – August 2016

“An eye-opening two days that introduces Product owners to the best practices of managing your product backlog and scrum teams. What a great tool to expand your agile mind and enhance your product management skill set!” Digital Manager – August 2016

“The two-day CSPO course was a fun and collaborative environment, while providing cleaner definition of roles, processes and techniques.” Business Systems Analyst – August 2016

“Take it, advocate and practice better – gain better outcomes.” Consulting Manager – August 2016

“Insightful and in-depth. (It’s) great how the lecture adapts as questions are asked.” Product Owner – August 2016

“Great session, with clarity on how to approach software develJerry Doucett 201601 white background - head - 275 square
opment in a scrum environment.”
 Senior Project Manager – August 2016

“The use of language is important for clear definitions within the roles and techniques in Scrum.” – Business Systems Analyst
“Focus on individuals.” – BA Specialist
“One tip that came up in class: start/end scrum mid-week vs on a Monday and Friday.” – Director Business Integration
“You don’t put anything technical in the backlog!” – Digital Manager
“The product backlog grooming is for me the most important task I’ve learned.”  – Product Owner
“Agile works best when basic technology is in place – standard professional practice.” – EPMO Head
“The role of PO is critical for successfully delivering a product.” – Head, Agile CoE
“Working software is a measure of progress indeed!”  – Senior Consultant
“There are no signed off requirements.” – Product Owner

Here’s some exceptional testimonials from the CSM, August 9 & 10, Toronto, facilitated by Mishkin and Travis:

Travis Birch 201504 white background - 640w

“The seminar was exceptional. The delivery was impeccable…It was an incredible learning opportunity for me (and) I am anxious to learn more!” President – August 2016

“Great coaching and excellent work sessions. I enjoyed the hands-on approach.” Manager – August 2016

“I enjoyed the course and the instructor’s style as well. He managed to bring the message about the need and value of change that we are going through.” Project Manager – August 2016

“I did a lot of online training and took an online scrum master course with the International Scrum Institute and wrote the exam. THIS course was the best…to provide the actual theory of Scrum…and a good explanation between Agile and Scrum.” Project Manager – August 2016

“This course made me step out of my comfort zone…it made me more confident to speak up in the self-organization process to best utilize my skills to benefit the team.” Project Coordinator – August 2016

“Very informative and now I’m able to provide new techniques to improve my scrum team.” Scrum Master – August 2016

“Great interactive course. I would recommend this to anyone interested in Scrum.” Owner – August 2016

Mishkin Berteig 201504 white background - 640w

“Amazing course. Shines a light on what Scrum is. Great instructors!” Senior Business Analyst – August 2016

“Great, engaging instructor; valuable information on scrum and the scrum master role.” Associate Project Manager – August 2016

“The learning activities and discussions were very practical. All of it was extremely relevant and valuable.” Senior Project Manager – August 2016

“Clear, engaging, fun experience. Very good facilitator.” Project Manager – August 2016

Learning from Attendees of CSM, Toronto, Aug. 9 & 10
“Changing a mindset from traditional PM to Agile is key.”  – Project Manager
“…respect, courage and transparency when facilitating scrum team.” – Quality Assurance Analyst
“Self-organization is very difficult to do but needs to be allowed.” – Senior Manager
“CSM is about facilitating the team, and selling the change.” – Program Manager
“Deliver the wrong thing faster.” – Project Manager
“Scrum works well for complex projects. (my big ‘Aha.’) Feedback from customers is imperative.” – President
“I should focus on encouraging the team in order to build a self-organized team.” – Senior Project Leader
“Definition of Done is actually the amount of work completed by a scrum team, and not the goal of the work supposed to be done.” – Scrum Master

From CSM, June 28 & 29 with David Sabine:

David Sabine 201504 - white background - head - 275 square“Very good material and insights, remarkable instructor.”
 Project Management Professional – June 2016

“I loved the format! I was fully engaged the entire time.” Consultant – June 2016

“The instructor was knowledgeable and professional.” Scrum Master/ Agile Coach – June 2016

“This was the best corporate training I’ve attended.” Project Manager – June 2016

“Very clear instruction that gave me a great understanding of SCRUM with a very knowledgeable instructor, and confidence that I was performing my job correctly.” Scrum Coach – June 2016

“I really enjoyed the training. It was dynamic, and the concepts presented kept me engaged at all times.” Senior Manager – June 2016

“Most enjoyed the topic on the ranking of Agile tools so that I know what is the best tool to be considered.” – BSA

Testimonials from the Certified Scrum Developer training taught by Mike Bowler, Feb 29 – Mar 4, 2016:


“I feel reinvigorated to take my job and team performance to a higher level.” – Developer, Feb-Mar 2016

“Mike is a great instructor and his details in explaining concepts and applying them during the training was a great learning experience.” – Developer, Feb-Mar 2016

“The class was incredibly beneficial to help illustrate the benefits of TDD, and improved code quality yields better productivity over time. It also helped emphasize Agile works best for Complex systems.” Senior Developer, Feb-Mar 2016

“The course was really interesting and helpful. Some of the topics were eye-openers. Would recommend to any SCRUM team member (developer or tester).” – Technical Consultant, Feb-Mar 2016

“This course gave a practical experience to most Agile development skills in a short period of time.” – Technical Specialist, Feb-Mar 2016

“This is a very good course for Scrum Developers as you can practise all learning on the spot.” – Scrum Developer, Feb-Mar 2016

Learning from the CSD training taught by Mike Bowler, Feb 29-Mar 4, 2016
“The actual programming exercises were very valuable in learning how to become more focused on making sure code is well covered by test cases. I enjoyed the iterative nature of TDD – previously, my software development has not been as iterative.” – Senior Software Developer
“Everything you are doing is wrong…Start with failure and work your way to success. This course really made it clear that TDD is the best way to strive for quality, and speed in delivery in the long run. TDD might seem like a waste of time in the beginning as it is slow to commit, but it will save you time 2 months from now when that one line of code broke off everything.” – Developer
“The leg activities were very helpful in driving home the purpose of proper communication across teams.” – Developer
Introduction to Agile, November 2015, Led by Forbes Benning
Forbes Benning small
  • “I thought Forbes did a great job of communicating the advantages of Agile and at the same time keeping our team engaged.” Project Manger, 2015


  • “Was not excited at first but became evident this is an extremely valuable course for myself and the team.” He would like the RAP.” QA Tester, 2015
  • “Thank you for the enlightening information. I truly understand now how valuable the Agile methodology is for any company that wishes to have happy employees and great productivity.” Tech Writer, 2015
  • “I would like you to have a word with management as they were not present. Great exercises. Informative. Thanks.” PS Analysis
  • “I liked his way of representation.” QA Tester, 2015
  •  “A solid intro led by a good facilitator!” Project Owner, 2015
  •  “Great course.” IT Support, 2015
  •  “The course was really good and gave the team a better understanding and real time experience.” Anonymous
  •  “The visuals on the paper at the front helped illustrate the main ideas. Agile is great for teamwork.” Support Analysis, 2015


Jerry Doucett 201601 white background - head - 275 squareTestimonials from Aug. 9 & 10 Leading SAFe class by Jerry Doucett

“Very interactive and detailed.” – BSA – August 2016

“Great introduction to Leading SAFe – the challenges and the benefits of the methodology – and being able to distinguish the differences between Scrum and SAFe.” – Principal Pgm – August 2016

“The instructor was excellent and really understood the content and its nuances.” – Principal – August 2016


CSM & CSPO 2015

“I already recommended another co-worker to register for the next course before mine had ended!” Senior Manager – December 2015

“…the trainer is very passionate about the topic and not just delivering information. I enjoyed the relevant and interesting team discussions and exercises throughout the course, too.” Project Manager – December 2015

“This was a live, invigorating mind shift that allows the participant to immediately dive into the experience and learn.” Customer Service – January 2016

“A great combination of both theory and practice, and presented in a simple, straightforward method.” Program Manager – January 2016

“I recommend this course to my leadership peers so that we can bring change in the organization.” Director of Technology – January 2016

“Opened my mind to the new purpose and new options on how to reframe the team to be a Scrum team.” Owner – January 2016

“(I would) Recommend Berteig for anyone interested in ScrumMaster training…was engaging and informative.”
Sr. Project Manager – January 2016

“The instructor’s enthusiasm for Scrum is infectious. I am looking forward to working in a Scrum environment.”PMO Consultant/PM – January 2016

“The course was well presented and laid the foundation to help me to affect change with my organization.”Project Manager – January 2016


CSM January 26 & 27, 2016

Mishkin Berteig 201504 white background - 640w“Excellent quality instruction that far exceeded expectations. Berteig’s course is an excellent choice when embarking into the world of agile.” Director, Enterprise IT Risk Management – January 2016

“We were able to learn interactively instead of just sitting in the course talking about theory…(I) recommend for beginners to seasoned agile members.” Senior Consultant – January 2016

“The combination of theory and participation worked well. Valuable course for both those new to Scrum Methodology or those familiar with Scrum.” Scrum Master – January 2016

“Great course provided by engaging trainers.” QA Manager – January 2016
“ Good mix of theory and application to stimulate learning of Agile concepts.” Program Manager – January 2016 David Sabine 201504 - white background - head - 275 square
“A captivating and engaging seminar that reinforced my knowledge of Scrum.” Project Manager – January 2016

“Fantastic overview of the tenets of Agile and Scrum, plus in-depth exploration of key topics and justification for using Scrum. This will definitely help me and my organization to deliver better products faster.” Product Manager – January 2016


CSPO January 28 & 28, 2016

“I had originally considered doing the certifications but I feel I gained a lot more being in an interactive workshop setting…The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and engaging, and really forced me to get out of my comfort zone and consider new ways of thinking about productivity and value.” – Senior Consultant – January 2016

“Great course with hands-on training you can take back and start using right away.” – Product Owner – January 2016

“Definitely a great course for beginners or those who already apply the practices. Provides great tools which can be easily applied for immediate results.” – Product Owner – January 2016


Testimonials from the CSM, February 2016


“BERTEIG’s CSM training is relevant, informative and inspiring.” Manager, IT Services – February 2016

“Far exceeded my expectations for a 2-day course. I feel like I’m walking away with a different mindset.” Project Leader – February 2016

“Highly engaging presenters/ facilitators…Great exercises and practical tools.” Director Digital Projects – February 2016

“An excellent hands-on approach to the key elements of Scrum practice – its benefits and how to make it most successful. Highly recommended!” Associate Director – February 2016


CSM with Mishkin and David, April 11 & 12:

” Highly knowledgable instructors who respond to questions and provide valuable insight and experiences within the ScrumMaster world.”– Team Lead Developer – April 2016

“This was a great course and I enjoyed all of the real life examples of the consulting that BERTEIG has gone through, as well as good in-class sampling of scrum activities.” Release Manager – April 2016

“The past two days have been packed full with incredibly valuable information for me and my team. I can’t wait to bring this back to the office to start implementing!” Project Manager – April 2016

Scrum Team Success
Scrum Team Success

“Everything we learned is relevant to my work. My company has switched to Agile in the last year and this course has helped me tie in all the unknowns about Agile.” Project Coordinator – April 2016

“A great experience from a leader in Agile/ Scrum management.” Project Leader – April 2016

“Enlightened as to the simplicity of core Scrum and the power of self-organizing teams.” – Senior Technical Program Manager
“The idea of ROI being an exact (but not exact) comparison of the value the Product owner places on something and the effort the team thinks it will take. Both are technically made up, but it gives a lot of information to two made up numbers.” – COO
“Focus is on taking a vertical slice of work and delivering a quality product.” – IT Project Manager
“Stay focused on the sprint goal during the entire sprint – don’t change it during the sprint.” – Manager
“How process and not just product improves from sprint to sprint.” – Senior Analyst

From April 13 & 14 CSPO class:

Mishkin Berteig 201504 white background - 640w“GreaDavid Sabine 201504 - white background - head - 275 squaret course! Both were a dynamic duo and really hit home with the topics! Recommend them for future ScrumMasters and                                                                      Product Owners!” – Program Manager – April 2016

“I’m an avid reader and follower within the Agile community…BERTEIG has established an easy to learn curriculum that in itself is Agile. I’ve recommended it as a “must have” for anybody transforming their workplace to a higher satisfaction environment.” – Business Development Manager – April 2016

“This course gives you the tools you need to release Agile software projects across a Scrum team.” – Product Owner – April 2016MeetScrum

“An eye opener. New way and world.” – Project Manager – April 2016

“The instructors are really passionate about Agile foundation and they know how to bring you on board.” – Business System Analyst – April 2016

“Had many many “aha moments” that I am excited about taking back to my organization and applying it right away.” – Operation Excellence Manager – April 2016

“At (my business) we are shifting to Agile from waterfall. Previous courses from other vendors have not met my expectations at all. This is the first course…that has improved my knowledge.” – Senior Business Analyst – April 2016

“Excellent, well structured…very hands-on learning. This is the second course I have taken (from BERTEIG) and I have enjoyed every minute of it.” – Business Consultant -April 2016

“(I learned about) leading metrics and trailing metrics, and company vision.” – Business Solutions Expert
“Understanding the Product Owner role and how to better build user stories along with its value to build the product backlog.” – Business Consultant
“I loved ‘Ask your customer to convince you to build it for you.’” – Business Systems Analyst
“Metaphors over documentation!” – Technical Lead
“Most important thing I learned in the class is that the Product Owner should not be defining specific stories and acceptance criteria.” – Product Owner
“One of the best takeaways I had was that the innovation games, while producing an output, are a great exercise to drive conversation. As a PO, the discussions and conversations are a big benefit.” – Product Owner
“1.The importance of the product vision, and how to use it for prioritization. 2. How splitting of user stories works. 3. The planning poker – great tool for fast estimations.” – Senior Manager

Testimonials, CSPO, May 12 &13, Toronto:

“D- and M- were powerful and dynamic facilitators. The interactive exercises were very beneficial and really helped bring the Scrum fundamentals to life.” – Associate Product Owner – May 2016

“Engaging facilitation. Good solid understanding of the role or PO – helps round out my role and responsibilities.” – Technical Product Owner – May 2016

Learning from the CSPO, may 12 & 13, Toronto:
“Learning definition of Done was very valuable to my work…it helps me to identify what my organization is currently considering done, and ways we can move to “Done Done.” – Customer Care Project Leader
“The product box technique is an interesting way to clarify the product value and its goal.” – Product Owner Assistant
“Vision – simple, emotional, urgent.” – Customer Care Project Leader
“Compiling value and business metrics…was something new.” – Quality Assurance Specialist
“(I learned) how to write user stories properly.” – Associate Product Owner

Testimonials from CSPO, Toronto, May 19 & 20:

“This is a very well-organized and facilitated course. The instructors are very knowledgeable and I learned a lot.” – CIO – May 2016

“The instructors provided techniques and mindset training for value focused delivery.” – Independant Consultant – May 2016

“Second course I’ve taken and it was just as good as the first (CSM) – great instructors and very clearly taught!” – Assistant Project Manager – May 2016

“The most practical course that I have ever taken.” – Project Manager – May 2016

“Two days of fun and learning that I can take away and share with my team to improve team performance.” – Managing Consultant – May 2016

“Great seminar! Enjoyed all the examples (the instructors) provided throughout the seminar.” – IT Project Manager – May 2016

“Fast-paced and educational…the Facilitator made this experience very memorable.” – Coordinator – May 2016

“Good course to get clarity on the role of Product Owner, and also helps (you) understand some of the best practices in Scrum…” – Transition Leader – May 2016

Learning from CSPO, May 19 & 20:
“The most important thing I learned was the properties of a good Product vision – simple, urgent and emotional and how I can use that to improve in meeting the responsibilities of a product owner.” – Business Analyst
“Using the business value and the level of effort to prioritize stories in the product backlog.” – Principal Software Engineer
“Communication is very important.” – Coordinator
“Many people are pulling select aspects from Agile to solve a specific issue or meet an agenda that is not necessarily setting the team up for success.” – Seeking New Role
“The innovation games and the purpose behind the planning tools were very important.” – Project Coordinator

From Travis Birch’s Leading SAFe, May 13 & 14, 2016:

Travis Birch 201504 white background - head - 275 square

“If scaling is important to you, take this course.” – Agile Coach – May 2016

“Great course. Knowledgeable instructor who kept the attendees engaged.” – Senior IT Project Manager – May 2016

“Course is excellent; good material to read.” – ScrumMaster – May 2016


Testimonials, CSM May 17 & 18:

David Sabine 201504 - white background - head - 275 square

“I saw projects transforming to products and resources to people.” Director – May 2016

“Instructor made the hours go by like minutes. Solid understanding of the material and great job keeping us on track!” Manager – May 2016

“Great course. (I’m) Planning to start adapting methodology in my workplace as much as possible.” Project Manager – May 2016

“Highly recommended!!!” Project Coordinator – May 2016

“Very informative and well laid out format. Very knowledgeable facilitators.” Delivery Manager – May 2016

Learning, CSM May 17 & 18:

“I enjoyed learning new retrospective techniques and discussions around when Scrum is appropriate.” – Owner
“Backlog prioritization – Value/Effort = ROI” – ScrumMaster
“Daily scrum is about exposing issues, not solving them in them.” – President
“I found it interesting that a team is allowed to add any tickets related to their tasks that they missed during sprint planning.” – ScrumMaster
“Risk is faced at a maximum in the early stage of the project. This helps to mitigate risk by using empirical data instead of conjecture.” – PM
“Scrum is very geared to product development.” – Delivery Manager
“The product backlog and how to calculate ROI is very relevant to my work. Teaching my team this technique will be of great value.” – Project Manager
“Less planning = more work.” – Program Manager
“Really good communication is required for scrum teams to be effective.” – Project Manager
“The most important thing I learned was what defines the sprint goal. Taking a different perspective (vertical vs horizontal).” – Project Manager


“The course instructor was great; very respectful and very informed…I would highly recommend this training.” Project Manager/ ScrumMaster – May 2016

“I haven’t even left yet and I’ve already recommended this course to friends. (It) had me relaxed within the first few minutes…I’d jump at the opportunity to learn from (BERTEIG) again.” – Senior Project Manager – May 2016

“This is an extremely valuable course that not only teaches the concepts and tools, but it also enables introspection and to bring about personal development.” Account Executive – May 2016

Iteration Backlog C1

“It was a great course, learned lots of insights, met wonderful people, shared thoughts and a great instructor.” Development Team Lead – May 2016

“A mature ScrumMaster course with some real world examples that allows you an understanding of the Scrum framework and process execution in single teams.” Transition Leader – May 2016

“This course helped me shape…a very independent perspective on Scrum and the possible value it could bring to my workplace, as well as for my career development.” – Business Systems Analyst, May 2016


Learning from May 25 & 26 CSM:

“Mad, sad, glad method – emotional assessment can give good impact to a team.” – Portfolio 
“Rename ‘Demo’ to ‘Review.’” – ScrumMaster and Project Manager
“Learning about 0 defect software and bug priority…asking the business to enable us to release 0 defect software.” -Software Developer
“Fact: Scrum framework is very structured- it broke the myth I repeatedly heard from people.” – Business Systems Analyst
“We need more buy-in from corporate to be Scrum.” – Project Manager
“Learning the importance of how to not be a PM and take on the role of delegating tasks was a valuable reminder to foster a self-organizing team.” – Sr. Digital Project Manager

From the Certified Scrum Developer Course facilitated by Mike Bowler, June 27-29, 2016:


“Mike inspires you to want to improve your craft as an individual and as a team. You will learn skills to improve your development instantly, and skills that will allow you to continue improving every day.” – Developer – June 2016

“This is one of the best trainings I have ever had. Learned everything in real-time in much fun way rather than total theory. When taught with live examples, that create more impact. Mike is just so awesome in his teaching style.” – Front-end Developer – June 2016

“The course is very useful and it is relevant to our daily work. Exercises we did in the course helped to understand the agile/ scrum process a lot.” – Technical Specialist – June 2016

Here is a letter to a BERTEIG trainer from a satisfied graduate:

“I shared my new insights and learning with my team at our weekly meeting, and we agreed to implement some things.

One point which stuck, was using sticky notes more.  I was a heavy JIRA user before, encouraging and teaching my team to effectively use it too.  But now, we use sticky notes just as much, if not more.  I notice more focus and engagement during our meetings too.

I also started a weekly email digest with my team, to share ideas on how we can be better at Agile. I take a snippet from Mishkin’s blog, or other blogs, and summarize and share with my team for their reflection on Friday morning.  They like it.

In the past few weeks I received a promotion; my leader noticed a rapid growth and transformation in me.  I also received an interview for a Product Owner role after applying a few weeks ago!

So overall, things are going well.  I’ve encouraged developers on my team to sign-up for the CSD course.  I hope they can find time to take it without impacting work schedules and plans.”


Hearing the information from an experienced instructor.

I deliberately chose to attend this course date in order to be taught by David.”  Manager


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