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What Do Strong Companies Hire For – Skills, or “Something Else?”

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Perhaps you’ve experienced this…You go all revved up to a job interview with your beautiful resume in hand outlining all your accomplishments, believing you have all the right training, skills and experience…but you’re not chosen for the position. You cannot understand why.

Advertising guru and author, Simon Sinek, explains: “Weak companies hire the right experience to do the job. Strong companies hire the right person to join their team.”

Teamwork is becoming the hallmark of most successful businesses and organizations. We have entered an age where cooperation and working together is a vital necessity. No longer is the individual star performer going to do it for an organization. That’s not enough. Everyone needs to have the same vision, the same values, the same feeling of being valued. The demands on companies is just too great for one or two individuals to lead the way. Everyone must be a leader.

How can one show a potential employer that you are a team player? That you have great consultative and cooperative skills? That you’re willing to learn from everyone around you? Is this something that can be reflected in your personality?

“A recent international study surveyed more than 500 business leaders and asked them what sets great employees apart. The researchers wanted to know why some people are more successful than others at work, and the answers were surprising; leaders chose “personality” as the leading reason. Notably, 78% of leaders said personality sets great employees apart, more than cultural fit (53%) and even an employee’s skills (39%).”

Forbes Magazine has published online articles about the hiring process which are fairly old-school, even wishy-washy. Writers talk about knowing the clear skill-sets a company is looking for, and having a detailed scorecard that defines the performance objectives for the position. They also discuss qualities of behaviour, but do not define behaviour in any specific way. Their expertise falls short in looking at personality, team-building qualities, and desire to learn, change and adapt.

Agile is the leading team-oriented methodology being adopted by the best and the brightest organizations in the world, such as Google and Apple. Agile teaches its participants to reflect, act and learn.

This is a kind of life-agility that’s needed in every realm we function in, whether as spouses, parents, employees, or members of our communities.

What do you hire for?

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Job Opportunity at Berteig Consulting Inc.

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Berteig Consulting is seeking Operations/Administrative Assistant.
The successful candidate will be responsible for the duties listed below.

Customer Service:
-answering the telephone
-responding to requests through email or telephone
-assist clients with the certification process
-maintaining client database

-organization and maintenance of office space
-light accounting and finance management
-assisting team in achieving company goals
-book venues for courses and seminars.
-assisting team with inquiries about pay-roll or benefits
-performing other administrative duties

The candidate should be motivated, detail oriented, and highly organized. Berteig Consulting encourages truthfulness, learning and innovation, and is seeking a candidate who shares these values and will implement them in this role.

Please send your resume to with the position as the subject and call directly to our office at 905-868-9995 and ask for Paul Heidema.

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Agile Job Opportunity in the UK !

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Agile Thought Leader

HP Enterprise Services – UK; Various locations (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)

Job Description

HP is seeking Agile Thought Leaders to provide:

Mentoring, Coaching, Training and Assessment internally and to customers.

Our Agile Leadership:

  • Supports organisations in exploring, adopting and optimising Agile habits, based on the foundation of Agile principles and values.
  • Assesses, trains, coaches and mentors Agile Teams, and the leaders of the organisations in which Agile methods are being adopted.
  • Helps organisations develop and sustain a simple measurement system for the Team performance.
  • Helps Teams and stakeholders to define and experiment with various countermeasures to the impediments uncovered in the work process.
  • Develops and delivers customised training
  • Acts as a change agent in collaboratively creating a continuous improvement culture
  • Grows next generation Agile leaders

Desired Skills & Experience

Attributes of an AgileCoach:

  • People focus
  • Flexibility
  • Personal Mastery

Company Description

For clients with large, complex operating environments, HP Enterprise Services provides end-to-end IT services in applications, business process, and infrastructure technology outsourcing for increased productivity, innovation, and security so businesses can plan for future growth and governments can efficiently deliver citizen services.

Additional Information

November 8, 2011
Mid-Senior level
Project Management, Information Technology 
Information Technology and Services 

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