Rules of Scrum

Here is a list of all the rules of Scrum that we have been publishing lately.

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The Basic Scrum Process

The rules of Scrum related to the Product Backlog

The rules of Scrum related to the Team Member Role

Rules of Scrum related to the ScrumMaster Role

Rules of Scrum related to the Product Owner role

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3 thoughts on “Rules of Scrum”

  1. Pretty good summary of Scrum rules. Few more that could be added around

    * Team members are cross functional
    * No hierarchy or classification among(BA, Architect, etc) team members
    * There is one DOD

    1. Venky, what’s a DOD. I’m not familiar with that acronym outside of Department of Defense.

    2. DOD = Definition of “Done” — This is a way of helping a team and its stakeholders understand the gap between what the team delivers every Sprint vs. what would be necessary to have the product increment in a shippable state every Sprint. The DoD usually focuses on quality, non-functional requirements, and non-development activities that are performed to prepare for deployment/delivery.

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