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Use Scrum Insight as your virtual online Scrum coach!  Find out how your team is doing and ways to improve.

Online Scrum Coach

Every Scrum team deserves professional coaching, just like every serous sports team! Scrum Insight is your professional online Scrum coach. Scrum Insight works like any coach: observing the team, applying experience, and providing practical support and advice.

Try Scrum Insight Free!

First you fill out the survey – it takes about 10 minutes.  Then you get your customized advice from the online Scrum coach.  The more team members who do the survey independently, the better the advice!

If you are the Scrum Master for your team, consider using Scrum Insight as part of your next retrospective.  Set aside 20 minutes in total as part of the retrospective as follows:

  • 1 minute: share with your team.
  • 10 minutes: team members independently fill in the survey.
  • 3 minutes: collect all the team member survey codes and generate the report:
  • 7 minutes: review the report together

After using Scrum Insight and reviewing the report, decide what parts of the advice you will apply immediately.

Come back in a few Sprints to do it again and get new advice!

Professional Online Scrum Coach

We also offer a paid level of report.  This can be accessed by contacting us at – make sure you include all the team’s survey codes in your email to us!!!

The features of the Scrum Insight tool Professional Report include:

  1. Scrum Scoring – How well your team is using Scrum; This includes measurement of the general process, the Product Backlog, the teamwork, and effectiveness of the Scrum Master and Product Owner.
  2. Quick Wins – High impact ways to improve right now; The parts of Scrum you aren’t doing well that if you improve will give you the best return on your effort investment.  Specific, practical, applicable to your team right now!
  3. Environment Scoring – How well your organization is supporting your team.
  4. Long Term Recommendations – Sustaining high-performance; This is the harder stuff that involves the team’s environment, culture and processes and which can make a huge difference in the long term… but requires some up-front effort.  Practical suggestions to explore the creation of a high-performance Scrum team.
  5. Industry Comparison – How your team is doing compares to others; Compare your team to other teams that have used Scrum Insight.  This comparison gets better and better as more teams use Scrum Insight.
  6. Recommended Resources – Tailored to your team. Books, articles, products, training and other services that will help your team rapidly improve.

Read more about Scrum Insight and try it for your team!

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  1. Scrum Assessment not working… I have tried multiple browsers and cannot submit the assessment. The button does not do anything.

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