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LINK: Virtual Retrospectives

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The Agile Manifesto says face-to-face interaction trumps all other forms of communication and colocated teams are the ideal.

But what to do when a team is distributed across a province, or a country, or internationally?

Mario Lucero shares his solution in “Virtual Retrospectives”.

He suggests using a virtual board and if anyone has had experience with this please leave a comment below. It would be great to read how this has been used with success.

With or without this virtual board, I really think he is on to something. With tact and wisdom, virtual meetings through online forums such as Google Hangouts or Skype can really give the impression of being face-to-face with people.

It provides more visual body-language cues which are missing in phone calls and this is bound to help keep communication among a distributed team much stronger.

Please share!

Agile Tools vs. Agile Books

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Agile Tools vs Agile Books

I have been working with Agile for a few months. At Berteig Consulting we are using OpenAgile to run our small business. As such we try to use various tools to make our life easier. I have already mentioned that we use CardMeeting for our cycles and tasks. I have tried using PlanningPoker for online estimation. It seems useful, but maybe our team is too small to make great use of it. I am also looking for other ways to manage the reflections and learning from each cycle.

I have received an email from David Wolrich of CardMeeting that states: “Anyways, I rely on the trickle of news from legitimate organizations like yours to let users know that CardMeeting is still around, that I am still adding features, and to generate interest; thanks again.” So maybe some of you could try it and give him a shout. Much like other free applications on the net such as Drupal and Neo Office this one could become more robust and useful.

I am wondering if I am spending too much time on tools and not enough reading and researching Agile methods. I am enjoying reading about Agile success stories. Anybody know of small businesses that have documented or written about achieving success in Agile? Is there an Agile bible or maybe a book about the best ways to succeed using Agile?

So this is the question that I am wondering: Are tools better than books when it comes to Agile?

Please share!