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Scrum Gathering – Orlando Florida – Ken Schwaber and Alistair Cockburn – You Thought You Knew Scrum

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PLEASE NOTE: these are my own notes based on the presentation – any errors or omissions are my own.

TOPIC: Treat People as Adults

– “we need to X first”… e.g. X=architecture
– – this is a parent-child approach – need to tell someone how to do something
– – does this mean we are not adults?
– – only through direction and planning will we do intelligent things
– Story from “Scrum in the Enterprise” about a “team” of 17 people
– vs. treating people as “resources”
– — banter —
– “Maverick” book

TOPIC: Teach “ask the team” by actually asking the team (in the class).

– teaching by example!  Using the adults in the class to help answer the question

EDITOR’S NOTE: okay.  this is very interesting, but I’m having so much trouble hearing that I’m going to bail on this one.  Instead, I believe that Mike Vizdos at implementingscrum.com is also blogging this session.  I’m sure his notes will be up soon 🙂

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Lateral Violence and Workplace Safety – Awareness for Agile Teams and Coaches

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Two very interesting videos.  The first, a presentation by Rod Jeffries, goes through a treatment of “Lateral Violence”.  The second is three role-play scenarios to demonstrate the concepts.  Both of these videos are in the context of nursing in hospitals… however, it takes little imagination to see how they apply in other environments.  I would actually assert that the problems described in these videos are endemic to most organizations.

Alistair Cockburn has also written about safety in a team context.

Scrum and other agile methods all have some mechanisms for dealing with this sort of challenge, but they can start failing quickly if the sponsors of the agile effort do not overcome the habitual and cultural challengs.

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