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Certified ScrumMaster one of the top paying certifications of 2014

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Interesting list here on Global Knowledge (a certification and training vendor (just like Berteig Consulting ūüôā ) ). ¬†CSM is #6 in pay at $107,396 (is it really 6 significant figures of accuracy? ¬†Wow!). ¬†Anyway, it¬†is cool to see the CSM cert on such a list since I’m one of a small number of Certified Scrum Trainers. ¬†If you’re interested in coming to one of my classes and getting this certification for yourself, please check out my course listings in the sidebar on the right here on Agile Advice. ¬†There’s many in Canada, there’s some in the US and there’s some in China. ¬†Hopefully see you at one of them sometime soon!

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