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Certified LeSS Practitioner with Craig Larman

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In just a few weeks we will be hosting Craig Larman here in Toronto as he facilitates the first-ever-in-Canada Certified Large Scale Scrum Practitioner training!  Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) is about de-scaling.  In simple terms, this is about using Scrum to make the best possible use of the creativity, problem-solving and innovation abilities of large numbers of people, rather than getting them stuck in bureaucracy and management overhead.

Here are the details of this unique learning event:

  • Date and Time: April 11-13 (3 Days), 2016 – 9am to 6pm all three days
  • Location: Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Toronto, 475 Yonge St. Phone: 416-924-0611
  • Price: $3990.00 / person (that’s in Canadian Dollars – super great deal if you are coming from the US!)

Check out the full agenda and register here.

Here are some quotes from previous attendees:

“It was inspiring to discuss Large-Scale Scrum with Craig Larman. The content of the course was top-notch.” – Steve Alexander

“The delivery was outstanding and the supporting material vast and detailed.” – Simone Zecchi

“The best course I have ever been on. Totally blown away.” – Simon Powers

Certified Less Practitioner BadgeToronto is a great place to visit (I know many of our Dear Readers are from the United States) – don’t hesitate to consider coming in for a weekend as well as the course!

Register now! (Goes to our BERTEIG / World Mindware learning event registration site.)

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Spark the Change Toronto – Pre-Registration Started

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This looks like a great conference – to be held on Thursday, April 23rd, 2015.  From the description:

An event for the whole organization, Spark brings together leaders from across the business to explore how they can work together to create lasting and total change. Talks and workshops offer inspiring examples and practical advice on taking action and overcoming obstacles. – See more at: http://2015.sparkthechange.ca/what-is-spark-2/#sthash.WI3bDFBA.dpuf

Sign up for pre-registration for Spark the Change Toronto

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ScrumMaster + OpenAgile + Kanban training in Markham November 23-25,2011

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

We have an upcoming three-day agile training seminar in Markham on November 23-25, 2011.

In this unique seminar, we will be offering a practical view of three important Agile methods: OpenAgile – used for general agile project management and agile teamwork including projects and organizations doing any kind of work. Scrum – used for software new product development and IT project management. Kanban – used for teams doing operational work.

This seminar contributes towards three certification programs: the Scrum Alliance’s Certified ScrumMaster program, the OpenAgile Team Member level and the IPMA/PMAC Agile Project Management certification.

For more information: http://www.berteigconsulting.com/UpcomingAgileScrumOpenAgileSeminars
To register:

Proudly delivered by Berteig Consulting, a Canadian organization since 2004.

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Introduction to OpenAgile Half-Day Workshop – Nov. 4, 2011 in Toronto

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For those of you who are in the Toronto area, you might be interested in a half-day session being put on by Berteig Consulting: an Introduction to OpenAgile.  There are two sessions scheduled for Friday Nov. 4 – one in the morning, one in the afternoon.  The price is $50/person and at the end of the session, you will be fully prepared to write the OpenAgile “Readiness” certificate exam.  The session is being held at the Hilton in downtown Toronto.  The session agenda is as follows:

  1. Welcome
  2. History and Purpose of OpenAgile
  3. Foundations of OpenAgile
  4. Overview of OpenAgile Processes
  5. OpenAgile Capacity-Building
  6. Benefits of OpenAgile
  7. Case Study: Suncor
  8. Q&A

Register now for the Introduction to OpenAgile morning session.

Register now for the Introduction to OpenAgile afternoon session.

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Announcement: Agile Tour Toronto November 3

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

This is just a quick post to share that Agile Tour Toronto is coming soon. It is on November 3 in Toronto. It will be a great day with plenty to do, much to learn, and so many people to meet.

We will be there too. Berteig Consulting has a booth and many of us will be there to meet all of you. Hope to see you there!

Here is the link: http://www.torontoagilecommunity.org/att2011

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New Certified Scrum Product Owner training in Toronto added to calendar

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Due to popular demand, we have added another Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) training to our listing of courses.  There is an overwhelming need for well trained Product Owners, and we’re happy to take up the challenge. The next CSPO will happen on January 14 & 15 at our office in Newmarket, just north of Toronto.

During this seminar, our Certified Scrum Trainer will teach participants how to do the fundamental tasks of the Product Owner in the Scrum environment.  The attendees will learn:

  • how to develop a comprehensive Product Backlog
  • competently add value to the Scrum team during the Sprint
  • fully understand how Scrum works and their role within the agile environment

With a maximum class size of five people, this seminar is designed to allow participants to dig deep into the role of the Certified Scrum Product Owner. After completing this course, attendees of this seminar will be able to create and manage a Product Backlog, work with a Scrum Team to create high-quality software, and use the Scrum framework to build and deliver the right software.  Please refer to our website for a course description and to reserve space for yourself or others on your team. http://www.berteigconsulting.com/CSPOCourseDescription

We look forward to adding value to your team!

If you would like more information contact us at sales@berteigconsulting.com

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Agile Tour 2009 – Toronto

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Berteig Consulting is a silver sponsor for the 2009 Toronto leg of the Agile Tour conference. The date for Toronto is October 20th. You can find more information at the Toronto Agile Community web site – http://www.torontoagilecommunity.org/.

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New User Group – Toronto Agile User Group

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Hi Everyone!

Just thought you might like to know, there is a new Agile user group in the Toronto area.  The web sit for the group is at:


They also have a Yahoo! email group (no discussion so far) at:


Scott Ambler is one of the founders of the group.  I’ve had a chance to talk with him in person a couple times and also to hear him speak.  He’s a great guy with a lot of passion about agile methods and I think he will be able to make this group a fantastic place for folks to meet and discuss all things agile.

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Certified ScrumMaster Training – Canada Locations – 50% Off Summer Special!

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Canada. We love it.  We love it so much that we have decided to completely change our strategy for helping organizations here in our home country.

We have noticed that Certified Scrum Trainers from other parts of the world are starting to offer ScrumMaster training here in Canada.  But there is a problem.  They aren’t local.  They won’t be able to stick close by you as you learn about Scrum, learn about hyper productive teams, and learn to transform your organization.

We are local. Our home base is in the Toronto area and we have experienced coaches and consultants in other areas of the country as well.  We are here to accompany you on your journey with Scrum and agile methods.  How?

By changing the price on our Certified ScrumMaster seminars.  The value in our seminars is huge already: three days (vs. the normal two), the focus on implementing Scrum and obstacles to overcome with Scrum, a focus on leadership in Scrum, and a great deal of experience with both successful and not-so-successful attempts to do Scrum.

What is the new price?  For the first 100 people to sign up for one of our scheduled courses, the price is $995 – Canadian!  That’s a 50% discount off of our regular price. Pretty good, eh?

We are investing in your success.  Our new strategy: make the premier Certified ScrumMaster training course more accessible locally!  Come to our seminar.  Connect with our trainers and coaches.  And rest assured that we will be around to help you out when you need it.

“… this was an outstanding class! I was originally very nervous on starting this role, but now have the confidence needed to successfully implement this role.”
— Kristopher Laughrey [Project Lead of Paychex Inc.] about Certified ScrumMaster course.

“Excellent kickstart for any organization going agile.”
— Yvon Leclerc [Dev. Manager of Espial] talking about Certified ScrumMaster course.

“Overall extremely good, best training I have received in years.”
— Deane VanLuven [Manager of Product Development of Pitney Bowes Business Insight] regarding Certified ScrumMaster course.

We have courses scheduled in:

The full description of our course goes into even more detail about the advantages of taking this seminar with us!

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ANN: June Agile Software Engineering Practices

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Isráfíl Consulting Services is pleased to announce our upcoming:

Agile Software Engineering Practices Courses (2 day)

Software Developers, Technical Architects and Lead Developers for teams that currently use or are intending to use Agile methods such as Scrum, Extreme Programming or OpenAgile will benefit from attending this course.
After completing this course you will:

  • increase your development productivity
  • be familiar with basic disciplines to create well-tested, defect-free code
  • be able to integrate successfully into Agile teams
  • understand what makes healthy, maintainable code
  • receive a Certificate of Attendance
  • receive $100.00 discount on a 3-day Scrum training and certification course by our partners

Available Classes:

  • 2009-06-22: 2-day Agile Software Engineering Practices – Ottawa, ON $1450.00 CAD [16 spaces]
    • Register by June 1 and get the early-bird price of $1,250.00.
  • 2009-06-25: 2-day Agile Software Engineering Practices – Markham, ON $1450.00 CAD [16 spaces]
    • Register by June 1 and get the early-bird price of $1,250.00.

Register!: http://www.israfil.net/publictraining/registerCourse Details: http://www.israfil.net/publictraining/coursesClass Schedules: http://www.israfil.net/publictraining/scheduleFor more information, please e-mail us at: training@israfil.net

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ANN: Agile Software Engineering Practices training by Isráfíl Consulting

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Isráfíl Consulting is finally prepared for the first series of its Agile Software Engineering Practices training courses. This series is offered in partnership with Berteig Consulting who are graciously hosting the registration process. Their team has also helped greatly in shaping the presentation style and structure of the course. The initial run will be in Ottawa, Toronto (Markham), and Kitchener/Waterloo.   

Topics covered will include Test Driven Development (TDD), testability, supportive infrastructure such as build and continuous integration, team metrics, incremental design and evolutionary architecture, dependency injection, and so much more. (This course won’t present the planning side of XP, but covers many other aspects common to XP projects) It makes a great complement for training in Agile Processes such as XP, Scrum, or OpenAgile. The overview slide presentation is available for free download from the Isráfíl web site.

The courses are scheduled for:

The course is $1250 CAD per student, and participants receive a transferrable discount of $100 CAD for other training with Berteig Consulting as a part of our ongoing partnership. I initially prototyped this course in Ottawa this December, and am very excited to see this through in several locales. Class size is limited to 15, so we can keep the instruction style more involved. The above schedules are linked to Berteig Consulting’s course system and have registration links at the bottom of the description. Locations are TBD, but will be updated at the above links as soon as they’re finalized.

A further series is planned for several US cities in March, and we’ll be sure to announce them as well.

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Agile 2008 Silver Sponsor

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

Berteig Consulting is a Silver Sponsor for Agile 2008.  Hopefully our logo will show up on their home page sometime soon :-)  We also have several proposals for sessions in and we are planning some really fantastic stuff for the conference.  Make sure you attend if at all possible!

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3-Day Scrum & Agile Course Announcement (Toronto)

Learn more about transforming people, process and culture with the Real Agility Program

This course offers ScrumMaster Certification in Toronto. The training is hands on, interactive and highly effective. By the end of the course participants will receive a professional certification in Agile Software Project Management. The dates of the course are January 16 – 18, 2008.

Click here to sign up!

The complete winter and spring course list is available here.

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