Reality is Perceived – So What?

Results are necessary to reach a goal. Work is done to produce results and reach a goal. Therefore, any work done that does not produce results that contribute to the goal is wasteful. The degree to which a result of work contributes to the goal is the degree to which that work is valuable. However, since reality is perceived, it means that the stakeholders’ perception of the results is of paramount importance. If a team produces a result that the stakeholders do not find valuable, then at that time, it is not valuable. This is both obvious and subtle. If the stakeholders have an articulated set of values, then it is easier for the team to produce results that satisfy those values. However, it is often the case that stakeholders will also have unarticulated values. These unarticulated values are just as important. Agile Work attempts to use various disciplines and practices to elucidate, draw out and make explicit the values of the stakeholders so that the team can produce results that are satisfactory.

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