Agile Enterprise Reference Model

There is a very interesting paper online that presents an Agile Enterprise Reference Model. From the paper:

Sponsored by the Agility Forum, this 1996 reference model project had two principal goals: 1) design a reference model structure that effectively captures and displays the essence of enterprise-wide competency at both proactive and reactive change; and 2) validate the design with a rich, comprehensive example that provides an instructive reference case for an entire enterprise. The purpose is to provide a defining profile with examples for business managers and executives responsible for strategic planning, operational management, and reengineering.

One very interesting part of the reference model is a Change Proficiency Maturity Model. In this model, an organization can be described by its level of maturity in adapting to and creating change. The levels of maturity are as follows (again quoted from the paper):

0: Accidental – Stumble through change, recognition but no awareness.
1: Repeatable – A set of rules for acheiving change become understood.
2: Defined – Rules broadened and performance metrics put in place.
3: Managed – Objectives clarified, rules refined, accountability in place.
4: Mastered – No longer rule based – principles guide action.

There is a logical correlation between these levels and the various aspects of the Agile Work framework. The Repeatable and Defined levels of Change Proficiency match up with the various Agile Work Practices such as Maximize Communication, Self-Steering Team, and Adaptive Planning. The Managed level of maturity matches up with the Agile Work Disciplines of Empower the Team, Amplify Learning and Eliminate Waste. Finally, the Mastered level of maturity corresponds to the Agile Work Axioms: People are Creators, Change is Constant and Reality is Perceived.

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