Applicability Matrix Tool

Not all of the Agile Work Practices apply in all circumstances. The Applicability Matrix Tool is a very simple visual tool to indicate when a practice can be used. The matrix has two dimensions. The first is the size of the performing team: an individual, a tightly constituted team or a loosely constituted full community. The second dimension is the amount of innovation in the work being performed: rote work, adaptive work, or creative/experimental work.

Each of the nine combinations of the two dimensions in the matrix is given a value: Not Applicable, Apply with Caution, Applicable, Essential. Here is how it looks:

The Applicability Matrix Tool is based on the experience of people using agile practices but currently does not have academic research behind it to back it up. As such, please consider letting us know if you have suggestions for the tool itself, or about how the tool is applied to any of the Agile Work Practices. Over the next few weeks, this tool will be provided for each of the six Agile Work Practices.

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