Agile Coach/Mentor Job Description (Process Facilitator)

Given the Agile Axioms and Disciplines then an agile coach or mentor should have some really specific experience and capabilities. This list constitutes a first attempt at a job description.

– working in strictly timeboxed iterations with adaptive planning using some sort of prioritized work list
– working in a “test-driven” manner (e.g. writing a document for a client where the client specifies acceptance criteria)
– participating in frequent status meetings where the team members report to each other, commit to work and identify barriers
– building and maintaining big visible charts to show progress and status (e.g. the standard thermometer chart to show progress towards a numerical goal)
– fashioning appropriate tracking and performance metrics that encourage team work rather than individual competition
– helping other people to adopt and adapt all these practices

– promoting collaboration in challenging circumstances
– searching for truth/a solution relentlessly
– honesty and trustworthiness
– a learning attitude (proactive and learning from mistakes)
– humility and assertiveness
– guiding people without controlling them
– detachment (ability to step out of a situation)
– an attitude of service without expecting recompense
– understanding of transformative learning
– conflict resolution as learning (not negotiation)
– encouraging creativity

Not Required:– technical experience related to the work of the team – the Agile Coach (process facilitator) should not be a performer on the team
– domain experience related to the goal of the work – the Agile Coach should not be a direct stakeholder in the results of the work

However, technical experience and domain experience can sometimes help…

Suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated!

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