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It’s taken a while to get the phrasing for the Agile Work Axioms to the point that it is currently at. I’ve had personal conversations, one-on-one with a few people that I trust in order to see if what I have written makes sense. But the time has come to ask you, dear reader, for help.

I am trying to formulate a really simple way of describing the underlying assumptions and beliefs about life, the universe and everything that are driving the success of Agile. Right now I have this:

Agile Work Axioms:
We are Creators
Reality is Perceived
Change is Natural

I’ve written just a bit more than that and it can be found at the Agile Work Axioms web site.

What do you think? Do these relate well to what we find in the Agile Software Development Manifesto (notice the “software development” stuck in there… I’m hoping the Agile Work Axioms apply to other types of work besides software development)? Is there anything missing? Do these make sense? Why?

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