Acting on the Essential Advice for Agile Coaches

In the entry “Essential Advice for Agile Coaches” I mentioned seven responsibilities that we have. These seven responsibilites can be used as a framework for self-evaluation and goal setting. I have created a simple spreadsheet tool to help track this work.

Agile Coach Assessment.ods

Sample of Agile Coach Assessment.ods


Microsoft Excel

Agile Coach Assessment.xls

Sample of Agile Coach Assessment.xls

Terms of Use: Copyright 2005, Berteig Consulting Inc. No warranty express or implied, blah dee blah… If you want to give people copies, please go ahead just don’t take out the link to the help page. If you want to distribute modified copies, you must send me a copy first with permission to use your modifications if I like. If I find out you’ve been bad, I might not like you as much any more… then again, I’m Canadian so I’ll probably say “sorry!”

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