Something a Little Different: 19 Leadership Capabilities

This list of nineteen leadership capabilities, hosted on the web site of a private school in Ontario, Canada, is inspiring and in many ways closely related to the work one must do in an Agile context. The list is written in the language of a moral or ethical framework. The whole list is interesting food for thought so I have reproduced it here as well with a few additional comments.

1. Evaluating one’s own strengths and weaknesses without involving ego.

2. Transcending one’s lower passions by focusing on higher purposes and capabilities.

3. Managing one’s affairs and responsibilities with rectitude of conduct based on moral and ethical principles.

4. Learning from systematic reflection upon action within a consistent framework.

5. Perceiving and interpreting the significance of current events and trends in light of an appropriate historical perspective.

6. Thinking systematically and strategically in search for solutions.

7. Forming a common vision of a desirable future based on shared values and principles, and articulating this in a way that inspires us to work towards its realization.

8. Imbuing one’s actions and thoughts with love.

9. Encouraging others and bringing happiness in their hearts.

10. Taking initiative in a creative and a disciplined way.

11. Sustaining effort, perservering, and overcoming obstacles.

12. Participating effectively in consultation.

13. Building unity in diversity.

14. Committing oneself to empowering educational activities as a student and as a teacher.

15. Recognizing relationships of domination and contributing to their transformation into relationships based on interconnectedness, reciprocity, and co-operation.

16. Contributing to the establishment of justice.

17. Serving in societal institutions so as to facilitate the expression of the talents of others that are affected by these institutions.

18. Being a responsible and loving family member as a child, spouse, or parent.

19. Cultivating and creating a sense of beauty in every endeavour.

Only one of these (#14.) is phrased awkwardly for us as participants in agile efforts since it refers specifically to the educational context these are written for. Other than that one, and with a little thought that one as well, these are all appropriate to us. We may be uncomfortable with the specific language from time to time, but we should be certain to take the time to consider how these apply… assume positive intent and look for the wisdom and truth in each item.

Number 4 is particularly apropos to our work:

Learning from systematic reflection upon action within a consistent framework.

In many ways, this is what we do with iterative delivery and adaptive planning. It is double-loop learning.

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