Improvisation for Agile Facilitators

Once in a while I will announce events, classes, etc. that I think might be of particular interest to readers of Agile Advice. This one is for people in the Seattle area and comes to me through Tobias Meyer.

Improvisation for Facilitators is a one-day workshop offering core improvisation skills to Agile facilitators and coaches. See the full entry for more details.

Trainer: Matt Smith
Location: Seattle, Washington (venue to be announced)
Date: Tuesday 21 March 2006
Cost: $180.00 per person

Matt Smith is an actor, improv artist and corporate trainer based in Seattle, WA. Matt has explored Agile principles and values with Kert Peterson, and has taken the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course with Ken Schwaber. This full-day workshop promises to be an engaging and energetic experience, providing facilitators and coaches with new tools and techniques to take into the Agile workplace.

For full details of this course, and enrollment information, visit

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