Connecting Vocabularies – Cycles of the Mind

At the Coach’s meeting ten days ago, several of the attendees used a series of phrases to refer to the learning process or cycle that Agile Work promotes. These vocabularies all have a different slant or implication but they all map to each other fairly well.

I have created a basic graphical representation of the relationships between the vocabularies.

Agile Advice - Cycles of the Mind.png

The first is from Garry Berteig‘s Learning Circle. The second is Boyd’s OODA Cycle. The third is attributed to be the scientific method. The fourth is from a Persian philosopher and teacher ‘Abdu’l-Baha. The fifth is from Ken Schwaber’s Scrum methodology.

If you have heard of other vocabularies for describing this cycle of learning I would love to hear about them. Vocabularies from the sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, etc. would all be welcome.

I find that these various vocabularies are useful for different circumstances, but also for people who maybe don’t “get it” with one vocabulary will “get it” with another. Our affinity to various words and the connections they make for us can be very powerful.

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