A new Agile-Scrum-Lean Product Management Course

For over 40 years I have been developing, delivering and managing technical training for others. Finally, I’ve done this one for me. And I expect many others to follow. This course is both intensively conceptual and intensively hands-on workshop. The course is being delivered in Boston on May 18 and 19. See www.jconne.com for details. And read on here for more about this course.

My frame of reference is “trust from truth” which is the heart of what I initially appreciated about Scrum Agile Project Management when I first heard Ken Schwaber speak for the ACM in Boston at MIT.
Why has there been such a poor history of trust between management and development teams? This course explains the cause and offers an alternative.

Here are my First Principles:

Reality always wins in the end,
So get there sooner.
Pretending to know what we don’t know gets in the way of learning
(and we can’t get caught trying to learn it!)
The world runs on trust.
How do you get and maintain trust?
Go back and read the first two. How does this relate to Agile software development?

Please check out my course and help me spread the word.

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