Upcoming Agile Training and Certification

Agile training including ScrumMaster Certification, Introduction to Agile Work and Adult Learning for Agile Coaches. Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Beijing. Reserve your spot on the schedule of public agile courses offered by Berteig Consulting Inc.

The Berteig Consulting agile training courses are designed to help the attendees of the course learn about agile methods, make the needed mental shift towards agile concepts, and start the change in their habits of behavior. We do this in the following ways:

  • Extensive simulation and discussion exercises to practices and investigate core agile principles and practices
  • Opportunity for participants to see agile methods modeled (demonstrated) by the instructors in the running of the training course itself
  • Several “Aha!” exercises designed to viscerally affect attendees’ mental models and kick-start the shift to agile thinking
  • Full disclosure of the difficulty of implementing agile methods and the radical change of thinking and habits required
  • Reflective exercises about the learning process itself so that the attendees learning needs are dynamically met during the training course
  • And of course, sufficient time for in-depth coverage of the materials so that most questions about agile methods, agile practices, agile experience and agile principles can be answered

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