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I was wondering if you have any white papers or best practices on how to implement the agile methodology in a “product” company where we do more implementation of our product , not really new development. We have some development phases where we customize our product but we don’t necessarily do ‘pure software development” like Greenfield projects….

Here are my thoughts…

The concepts of Agile Work apply to many types of work, not just pure software development. I have experience working on a number of different project types using Agile Work including implementations, software upgrades, infrastructure changes, and system decommissioning. The basic ideas are always the same: set a goal based on specific valuable results, use iterations to deliver small bits of value in short time periods, and allow the team the freedom to do the problem-solving.

For product implementations, just like new software development, the most common approach is to deliver small numbers of features per iteration based on the product being integrated into the existing systems.

Here are some lessons learned from three infrastructure related projects that I worked on.

Do any readers want to share specific examples?

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