My First Iteration Planning

I’ve done my iteration planning for my first iteration called “Beginnings”. The length of my iterations is one week (including weekends). Here is the list of backlog items that I have committed to (some detail removed):

Catch up on Scrum course follow-up work
Advertize future courses
Finish eBook 2nd Draft
– email request for feedback return
– go through feedback
– finish references
– finish diagrams
Finalize India Trip
Interview (Tuesday)
Meet up with
and co. (Sunday)
Continue development work for

I have broken all of these into tasks, but only put here the ones for finishing my eBook since the rest get into lots of private detail.

I’m currently using TiddlyWiki to track my Work Queue, my tasks and my recurring/scheduled duties. I create a new wikiword for each iteration and copy items from the Work Queue into that section. I also have a menu that has links to my daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

I’m not doing any estimation on either Work Queue items or tasks. This may become a problem, but for now I’m going to try doing the work without the estimation overhead.

I also spoke with my wife, Melanie who is my business partner about all this. She agrees that using Agile Work is a good step to take and looks forward to all the benefits of my being more organized ­čÖé

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