Arg! Bitten!

Two things I realized that have almost certainly thrown off my ability to complete all the work I committed to for this iteration:

1. I’m doing a course on Thursday and Friday that I completely forgot about thus lowering my capacity by at least 28%!
2. I discovered that my “Save a Spot” feature on my agile course signup page was broken.

There are consequences to these things! Read on for a little treat…

First of all, I seriously doubt that I will complete everything I committed to in this iteration. That’s not the end of the world, but it could be better. I have made some really good progress on lots of them so there is still a slim chance I will make it. One really good piece of news there is that I found out that Selenium can be used to automate remote web sites. This of course means that it should be a fairly simple matter for me to whip up a Java thick client app to submit new courses to my listing sites of interest. “Whip up” being the big spot with a question mark as to level of effort. I haven’t done Java GUI development for quite a long time!

The second problem had dual consequences. First, it ate up a bunch of my time figuring out what was wrong and fixing it. PHP is okay, but combine it with AJAX stuff and debugging becomes a real pain in the arse. Let’s just say I used a lot of JavaScript alert() boxes! I don’t do enough of this type of development to bother figuring out how to do better debugging…. or (shudder) test-driven development. I know there are XUnit frameworks out there for JavaScript, HTML, HTTP and PHP, and the aforementioned Selenium is a great functional testing tool, but learning at least 3 or 4 XUnit frameworks for this really simple stuff I’m doing, just doesn’t seem worth it. On the other hand, given that my “Save a Spot” feature has been unavailable for at least 3 weeks, it could have cost me literally many thousands of dollars !!!

Which leads nicely to my friendly offer to you, my loyal (and new) readers:

I was running a discount for readers of Agile Advice to sign up for my courses. Since my signup system wasn’t working, I’ve decided to extend the discount until the end of January. The discount is 10%. Get it while it’s hot! Even if you weren’t aware of the previous discount or the fact that my signup system had failed, you can still take advantage of this great deal.

Here’s the link again: Agile and Scrum Training and Certification – courses delivered by yours truly!

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