Iteration 4: Restart

My third iteration was a big bust. I have re-planned, but there is very little different from my iteration 3 plan. I have chosen the same 4 items from my Work Queue. I have updated the tasks slightly based on experience from the last iteration so that I have 22 tasks. Even with more tasks, I have actually reduced scope slightly so that the tasks are finer-grained.

It was difficult getting around to doing this. I “wanted” to slide back into old habits of just doing whatever I felt like. I found myself spending way too much time doing email stuff.

Re-committing to the same plan (with minor changes) as the last iteration is difficult because I’m feeling slightly demoralized. Still, I think that it has a good chance of succeeding because I actually don’t have any major commitments this week other than work.

Wish me luck!

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