The Agile Zealot’s Handbook

This is great! I often call myself an Agile Zealot to my clients. (Usually, they smile… and if they don’t I tend to have a short relationship with them!) So here it is, the Agile Zealot’s Handbook.

And, since I’ve got a dead horse lying around waiting to be beaten up some more, I’ve re-written it (the Agile Zealot’s Handbook, not the dead horse) to be non-software oriented. Presenting… the new and improved… non-software oriented… readable by anyone… Agile Zealot’s Creed:

IF you don’t repeatedly deliver results
that produce actual value
for a real customer
into your real world environment
frequently enough to respond to change…

IF you’re not paying constant attention to technical excellence
with simple, effective tools, processes and reuse
driven by uncompromising dedication to quality
and the discipline to test everything…

IF you’re not deliberately going
through stages of planning, acting
reflecting and learning
as frequently as you are delivering results
over and over and over…

IF your team is not empowered to self-organise,
does not sit together and engage in face-to-face communication,
does not include your customer
and all the necessary skills to make its own decisions and take immediate action…


(and good luck to you… you’ll need it!)

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