Iteration 6 – Cleanup!

Well. Last iteration was great! I didn’t document it, because it was trivial: I had one full day coaching engagement plus a two-day public course. And then the rest of the week I did nothing!!! What a joy! Anyway, now onto iteration 6 – cleaning up from the cancelled iteration and catching up from the vacation.

My plans this week are simple:

1. Training Follow-up: lots of admistrative details to take care of.
(7 Tasks)

2. Coaching Follow-up: some marketing and coaching things to help my client.
(3 Tasks)

3. Development Work for my Client
(6 Tasks)

4. Long-overdue Financial Stuff: getting papers in order, doing spreadsheets, etc.
(4 Tasks)

5. Reduce Email Inbox Backlog by 125 messages
(2 Tasks – this is an odd one which I’ll talk about more in a moment)

6. Prepare Some Technical Training Materials
(1 Task – collect already existing materials into a single piece)

Reducing my email inbox is really about 125 tasks, but most of them will be very fast. From past experience, getting rid of 125 messages should take between 4 and 8 hours of concentrated work. We’ll see!

I’m committing to 23 Tasks. This should be about right, although, (again!) it might be a bit of an over-commitment. The only reason that I think I might be okay here is that I am trying to include more of the stuff that I would be doing anyway but just not reporting on my Work Queue. The admin stuff in particular!

To be clear: the past few iterations I have learned about my capacity. This time, I am trying to be more visible. Usually, I do not put _everything_ on my Work Queue and in tasks. I leave out things that are small or that I am always doing. I’m going to try to become more honest about what I am doing, not just my capacity. We’ll see how it goes!

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