Agile Management Tools

Ah, tools…

For agile training and consulting, I always recommend starting with the standard physical tools of note cards on a wall plus a whiteboard and digital camera. However, I am still interested in what tools people have used when they have found that note cards are not sufficient. Here is a list of the tools that I am aware of, as well as a link to a survey…

This list is in alphabetical order:


Custom In-House Tool

Defect/Enhancement Tracker (e.g. Jira)






Wiki (e.g. Fitnesse)


The survey is extremely short (four questions) and will be closed on Sept. 15th:
Click Here to take the Agile Management Tools surveyI will publish the results here.

If you know of other tools (open source, products, etc.) please let me know in the comments!

Here are more tools for managing agile projects/requirements/planning that have been mentioned by folks in the comments:Tackle


Silver Catalyst

Target Process



Thanks to everyone for including the urls in the comments!!!

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