Stuck? Try Extreme Obstacle Removal!

What happens when you are iterating away, your team is totally groking agile, delivering great results every couple of weeks, and then unexpectedly, suddenly and firmly everyone is stuck!? An obstacle has come along that forces a full stop. A barrier has been placed in the path. What do you do?

I know of a team that was in exactly this situation. They were building software on BEA’s Weblogic platform. They discovered that a defect in the platform made any forward progress impossible (until the defect was remedied). So they canceled their iteration (good), tried to work in an open ended mode without iterations (really really really bad!) and then got absolutely nothing done for four months…

Encountering large obstacles like this puts a team in a nasty danger zone!!!!

Me, I like to consider the extremes:

1) Dump the vendor. This means building the component from scratch or replacing it with a component from another vendor or changing the whole platform. Although this sounds extreme, a self-organizing team should be aware that this is an option that might make the most sense given the circumstances. Keep iterating.

2) Make the vendor part of the team. Insist that they provide a dedicated, on-site person who is expert on the component you are using, insist that they provide you with source code. Both of these are so that you can cross-train in-house team members to solve this problem. Keep iterating.

3) Cancel the entire effort until the vendor (or some other entity) resolves the problem. Get the team to stay together but work on something else in the corporate portfolio that is valuable enough to justify the cost of the team. Let them work in short iterations so that there is little delay from the time the component is fixed until the team finishes an iteration on the other project. Keep iterating.

In my opinion, if you can’t do one of the above three options, it is because your project is not valuable enough and no one is willing to admit it. (Actually, there might be other reasons too, but this is the one I would really be worried about.) Don’t forget the Art of Obstacle Removal!

That said, there are of course half measures… just make sure you KEEP ITERATING!!! Whatever your current iteration length, find a way to deliver potentially shippable software at the end of every iteration.

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