Scrum Rules Cheat Sheet – Updated!

A few weeks ago, after my last update of the Scrum Rules Cheat Sheet, I decided that it might be a good idea to ask Ken Schwaber about what I had developed… He immediately asked if I had checked it against the rules listed in his book Agile Project Management with Scrum. Of course, I hadn’t. In fact, although I’ve read the book, I neglected to read the appendix in which the rules are contained. So, I read it and updated the cheat sheet. I found that there were a few rules that I was “assuming” because I work with Scrum so frequently. As well, there were a few rules that I actually didn’t remember. The cheat sheet is now getting to the point where I would like to break it into two pages, but then it wouldn’t be a cheat sheet anymore… so with smaller font size… presenting, the new and improved Scrum Rules Cheat Sheet. Here is the original article about the Scrum Rules Cheat Sheet.

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One thought on “Scrum Rules Cheat Sheet – Updated!”

  1. Hello Mishkin,

    I am new to scrum. I think this cheat sheet will be very helpful to me. Since it is not available online, can you email a copy to me, please???


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