The Scrum Study Guide is now Available… Really!!!

Scrum Study Guide, “The Best Tool for New ScrumMasters”, is now available at Scrum Study Guide. This guide is designed to be an editable tool for helping ScrumMasters do their jobs effectively. With the Scrum Study Guide you are able to keep track of the rules of Scrum, to keep structured notes on your own job as the ScrumMaster, to maintain a list of online reference material, to assess the progress of your team, and to organize the obstacles you are working on.  It also contains a wealth of reference information for learning along the way.

This is the project I’ve been working on for the last several months that has reduced my output here on Agile Advice.  It represents a huge investment of my time as well as several other people who have assisted me in this including Paul Heidema and Garry Berteig.  Purchasing the Scrum Study Guide, aside from its usefulness as a tool itself, will also give you substantial discounts on other services offered by Berteig Consulting Inc.  Finally, if you like it, you can help to share it by letting us know who should get a discount on their purchase of the Scrum Study Guide.  Enjoy!

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