Returning to Work

The summer has been interesting for me.  Lots of really great things including the Agile 2008 conference, some really great training experiences, and some really great business challenges.  I’ve learned a huge amount over the last few months.  In many ways, September always gives me the “back to school” feel from when I was growing up.  This year it is particularly so.  This year, I’m working with a team instead of on my own.  This year, I have a systematic approach to running my business using OpenAgile.  This year, I’m being deliberate about creating my corporate culture.

One thing I wanted to share publicly: Berteig Consulting has the start of a vision and mission.  For several years now, I’ve been focused on agile methods.  But I also have always known that in many ways those methods are not what I am committed to.  Rather, there is something deeper.

Berteig Consulting is going to be the best corporate educator of humanity.

Agile methods are a tool or set of practices that are compatible with this vision.  We teach agile methods, we mentor and coach agile methods, and agile methods themselves help individuals, teams and organizations to learn – to self-educate.  So using agile methods enables our vision.

But it doesn’t stop there… (to be continued).

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