Jeff Patton Talk and Training

A friend and fellow coach, Declan Whelan, let me know this morning about a great event his is helping to organize.  Jeff Patton will be delivering a one day workshop on agile product design and development next week on Wed. Sep. 10th in Waterloo, Ontario.  Find out more about the agile product design and development workshop.  Jeff will also be providing a free 90 minute talk on Sep. 9th with the title “Embrace Uncertainty: Strategies for an on-time delivery in an uncertain world“.

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2 thoughts on “Jeff Patton Talk and Training”

  1. Myself and a few team members were able to make it out to the workshop and we all learned quite a bit, though our product owner wasn’t able to make it. Today we put a couple of teachings into practice and our product owner was sufficiently wow’d with the result.

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